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At an individual level, mobility is an expression of personal freedom. Seen from an economic perspective, mobility in the form of a functioning transportation system is a vital part of our infrastructure.

Charging usage-based tolls is the most efficient and fair way to control road traffic, finance the traffic infrastructure, and offset ancillary expenses such as the cost of environmental pollution.

Our system allows drivers to pay tolls quickly and easily.

Successful projects all over the world demonstrate that installing and operation our solutions is very cost-efficient and their reliability contributes to traffic management.

Whether we are talking about all-electronic toll collection in free-flow traffic or automated payment at conventional toll collection points (“toll plazas”), whether for individual roads or entire regions, whether distance-based or time-based charging: We design, implement, and operate the optimum solutions to meet our customers’ needs. In addition, we also take care of migrating existing systems.

To do so, we use a combination of various methods:

  • Radio communication via “microwaves” (DSRC toll) – DSRC, or Dedicated Short-Range Communication (915 MHz, CEN 5.8 GHz, WAVE/G5 5.9 GHz, ISO 18000-63)
  • Vehicle tracking via satellite (satellite toll) – GNSS , or Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Automatic recognition of number plate (video toll) – ANPR/ALPR, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition / Automatic Licence Plate recognition
  • Vehicle classification via sensors – video, lasers, etc.

Kapsch operates in markets all over the world as a system supplier and operator of:

Electronic toll collection
City tolling
Plaza tolling