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Smart parking

Finding and managing parking spaces.

In inner cities, 30–40% of traffic is generated by road users searching for a parking space. The total number of kilometers driven in urban areas is expected to increase to 67.1 billion by 2050. By contrast, this number was approximately 25.8 billion in 2010.

Intelligent solutions that guide road users to the nearest available parking space can significantly lower traffic volumes within cities and thus also reduce traffic-related CO2 emissions. Additionally, they make an important contribution to greater driver comfort and improved overall urban quality of life.

Apps, data analysis, and integration into other systems.

In 2015, we completed our acquisition of Streetline, one of the world‘s most innovative companies in the field of intelligent parking solutions. Fast Company recently recognized Streetline as one of the ten most innovative companies in the transportation sector, and it was also selected as “IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year.” Streetline’s Parker™ application was nominated as “Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities” at the Mobile World Congress in 2013. The company has already implemented a number of smart parking solutions in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Our offerings include

  • Analysis: Comprehensive solutions for real-time analysis of parking situations within defined areas.
  • Fee collection: Automated solutions for collecting parking fees based upon different criteria, such as time of day or authorization levels (e.g. for handicapped drivers).
  • Navigation to nearest parking space: Our applications guide road users directly to the nearest available parking space.
  • Parking space management: With our solutions, we can collect real-time parking situation data and make this information available in online applications, from digital displays to websites and apps.
  • Sensors: Our sensors not only detect open parking spaces, they can also measure noise levels or road temperature and make this data available for intelligent traffic management.
  • Integration into other systems: We integrate smart parking into other solutions for smart traffic management. A combination of smart parking with municipal access solutions or toll collection systems creates completely new possibilities for integrated approaches in traffic planning and control.

To find out more, please visit the Streetline website