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Road safety enforcement.

Automated traffic surveillance for improved safety and security.

Ensuring traffic safety and security is a task that can be accomplished better and more efficiently through the intelligent use of technology.

In past years, sensor technology has made great advances. Measuring velocity, enforcing weight limits, and identifying and interpreting optical information are all tasks that can be automated at low costs.

We combine sensor technology, software, and transmission technologies (radio or cable) to create traffic surveillance solutions that provide valuable support for authorities, contribute to improved traffic safety and security, and thus also save lives.


Wide variety of functionalities.

Kapsch Force is our road safety enforcement suite. This solution allows us to address a variety of needs associated with efficient traffic surveillance.

Kapsch Force offers a number of functionalities:

  • automated bus lane monitoring
  • traffic surveillance (at specific points or along an entire route)
  • traffic signal monitoring
  • vehicle speed monitoring
  • weight enforcement of vehicles at full speed
  • integration with our comprehensive back office solution
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Why choose the Kapsch solution for automated traffic surveillance?

  • To save human lives: Our solutions make an important contribution to driversafety and security and help reduce the number of accidents.
  • Socio-economic benefits: Fewer accidents means that traffic can flow more smoothly and less CO2 is emitted. This can also lead to lower insurance premiums.
  • More economical: Automated traffic surveillance is efficient and ties up fewer personnel resources.
  • Flexible financing options: We offer attractive financing models to keep the initial investments low.
  • Expandability: Our solutions can be operated either as stand-alone installations or as part of larger systems for intelligent traffic management. There are many different possibilities for adding to our systems. They can also be upgraded for use in penalty assessment, for instance.
Key reference

From traffic surveillance to penalty assessment.

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has the most comprehensive installation of an automated traffic security and safety solution on the African continent. The system includes additional mobile options to supplement the fixed velocity measurement stations. Vehicle number plates are read automatically using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). This traffic solution also facilitates the process of assessing traffic penalties. Each month, the system implemented by Kapsch records 200,000 traffic violations and enables EUR 2.5 million in fines to be collected.