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Tunnels and bridges.

Managing critical points.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Tunnels and bridges constitute the most vulnerable points of any roadway system requiring special regulations and safety guidelines to ensure structural integrity of the infrastructure and driver safety while using these facilities. When a tunnel or bridge becomes impassible, traffic management operators must use extra precautionary measures to prevent a critical situation from becoming a catastrophic one.


All-in-one solutions for traffic monitoring, road user protection, and emergency measures.

Our solutions can be used to manage both the flow of traffic and critical infrastructure elements, all from a single user interface in which traffic and facility management functionalities have been integrated. This enables problematic situations to be identified before they can turn into a safety hazard for road, tunnel, and bridge users. Our systems offer real-time incident detection and decision-making assistance,  making it possible to quickly select the best method of proceeding in the event of accidents and rapidly deploy emergency personnel to the incident location.

Key references
Key references

Managing traffic on the world’s busiest bridges and tunnels.

Our systems have proven effective in numerous tests of endurance. For example, Advanced Traffic Management (ATM) technology from Kapsch is utilized on the world’s most heavily traveled bridge – the George Washington Bridge in New York City, NY, USA. Our solutions have been implemented at several bridges and tunnels in New York. Another example is the city of Boston, MA, USA where the Central Artery Tunnel project is regarded as the most complex highway project ever undertaken in the USA. Technology from Kapsch is also used here.