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By using unified systems for ticketing, monitoring & dispatch and more, operators can plan effectively and react to service disruptions in real time.

To help operators optimise performance and efficiency, Kapsch PublicTransportCom has created mobi.guider, an open, standards-based platform for end-to-end public transport management. Using a service-oriented architecture approach, mobi.guider provides the full range of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), Intermodal Transport Control System, short ITCS, and Real-Time-Passenger-Information, short RTPI, functionalities – all on one, cost-effective platform.

Key benefits of mobi.guider include:

Increased staff productivity


with a state-of-the-art graphical user interface (GUI) that allows staff to switch between applications quickly and point-and-click controls for frequent operational procedures. Customised screen layouts also help employees in different roles increase their productivity.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership, short TCO


with a single, cost-effective hardware infrastructure and Service Oriented Architecture for AFC, ICTS and RTPI. Operators’ legacy systems can also be integrated with our open platform to reduce operational costs.

Enhanced customer experience


based on support for queue-busting technologies such as contactless cards and the ability to react to service disruptions in real time.

Improved day-to-day operations


with real-time vehicle tracking and timetable views of services, and intuitive messaging between drivers and operational staff.

Optimised Automatic Fare Collection, short AFC


with intuitive tools for managing products, fare structures and passenger accounts.



The solution can be configured easily to meet the needs of all kinds of public transport operators, both large and small.

Future-proof architecture


that can be easily adapted to meet changing operational needs.

Reduced training costs


The system’s intuitive GUI helps operators to train and onboard new staff more quickly, easily and at lower cost.