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“Kube – The IIoT solution that adds tangible value to your railway operations”

KUBE is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution, developed by Kapsch in coordination with railway operators and industry leading experts. Therefore, the solution is capable to be precisely tailored towards the specific needs of the railway industry. The multimode solution collects, monitors, transports, visualizes and analyses mission-critical data in order to improve administration and maintenance of any mission critical railway asset.

KUBE is the first IIoT solution that is compatible with existing GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications-Railways) networks. Additionally, it supports LoRa, 4G, Wi-Fi and has the ability to migrate to future communication channels such as 5G and FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Core System).

KUBE enables railway operators to optimize their operational efficiency and asset management via rapid processing of mission critical data, ensuring exceptionally reliable asset operations and timely decision-making.

Contact our experts to find out more about the IIoT solution for railway operators.

Product Highlights

  • Optimize railway operational efficiency
  • Facilitate your asset management
  • Enable timely decision-making to ensure reliable operations
  • Utilize one harmonized system handling with connected objectives

Support in various use cases

KUBE enables railway operators to optimize their operational efficiency and asset management by smart predictive maintenance and to ensure even more reliable customer operations by timely decision-making. Examples for use cases are:

  • Security monitoring & intrusion protection: motion sensor, door (open/close) sensor
  • Monitoring & controlling tunnels: humidity and vibration sensors
  • Monitoring & controlling on the train: wheel temperature sensors, door sensors & humidity sensors


Key benefits of KUBE



The solution is able to leverage existing GSM-R networks, making it especially cost efficient and reliable.

Tailor made


Developed together with leading railway operators, thus the solution can be customized for individual customer use cases and their specific needs.



Technology agnostic – 5G and FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Core System) ready.



Easy-to-use interfaces, yet professional GUI to enable a clean visualization of use cases.



Optimization of operational efficiency through digital data transfer, analysis and visualization in real-time.



Ensures even more reliable customer operations by timely decision-making.