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Forward-thinking organisations are looking to implement the next generation of efficient, scalable transport infrastructure and protocols in their networks – while still supporting essential legacy services. If this is your case, our transmission and connectivity solutions can help you make the move to a modern transmission infrastructure; redefine the economics of data transmission and service delivery; and ensure continuity for existing network services.

Key benefits of connectivity include:



Our transmission and connectivity solutions help you retire costly TDM and SDH infrastructure components and replace them with more cost-effective, standardised network infrastructure that’s simpler to support and maintain.



We help you maximise transmission performance and QoS and differentiate your services based on a consistently excellent customer experience.



Our transmission solutions are based on open-networking technologies and standards, enabling you to swap out infrastructure easily and bring new services to market faster.



Our solutions help you meet growing subscriber demand for high-bandwidth voice and data services, and to ensure that infrastructure is never a blocker for network – and business – scaling.



We assess your specific business and technology requirements and design your transmission & connectivity environment accordingly.



We draw on our experience of all network protocols and generations to seamlessly integrate all layers and components of your network – ensuring optimal performance and throughput.

Our connectivity portfolio includes:

LoRa IoT

Our LoRa solution provides high density networking capabilities, allowing you to collect vast data sets from thousands of network-connected devices to support common IoT use cases, such as smart metering, smart cities, smart industry, etc.


Enable highly secure, always consistent & excellent end-user experience at any time by introducing IP/MPLS solutions based on the latest technology.


Introduce our WiFi solutions with the highest levels of security across infrastructure, applications, devices and users. You will get coverage for super-dense environments such as stadiums and conference centers where other solutions falter, with end-to-end encryption.

Optical & Packet transport with DCI

We deliver solutions at the photonic layer for Metro, WAN and DCI networks, helping you maximize network performance and throughput and to minimize transport latency. Our solutions help you to support the high-bandwidth applications of the future and deliver highly secure networking based on end-to-end optical encryption. Our optical & packet transport networking solutions support new business models and revenue streams, such as “time and volume” billing for low-latency applications.

Carrier Ethernet

We architect and deploy programmable Ethernet networks that connect your POPs and business customers quickly and cost effectively, with no need to deploy and support costly customer-premises equipment.


Leverage our rich experience and expertise in designing and building microwave solutions, that will match your exact business needs and bring you additional flexibility, without any interference.


Our services range from analysis, consulting, design, integration, installation and training, to the maintenance and operation of entire networks.