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Press release

7/12/2016 - Miscellaneous

Kapsch BusinessCom equips new Rapid Allianz stadium for “digital wave”

Simultaneous WLAN access for up to 28,000 fans and state-of-the-art multimedia technology

Vienna, July 12, 2016 – July 16, 2016 is the big day – the opening of the new home of SK Rapid. Under the motto Old Location – New Home, the players and fans are excited about the cool, new look as well as the new stadium comforts, improvements in security, and the barrier-free entrances. And that is not all. Digital entertainment is at the very top of the list of new options in the stadium as well, and it is all high-end. Kapsch BusinessCom provides an extensive WLAN network that allows simultaneous access for up to 28,000 devices, and has installed an information and entertainment system with a total of 264 displays in the stadium.

Soccer’s biggest moments present a very special challenge for Internet access in a stadium. The fans want to share their emotions with the world, and this results in extremely high peak loads. The solution provided by Kapsch controls the stadium’s WLAN according to the number of users. Special access points and WLAN antennas were installed under the roof – they are being used for this purpose for the first time in Austria. “As a provider of end-to-end solutions for networks, security and media technology, we have a lot of experience working with challenges like this, but the Allianz stadium is a very special situation. Everything peaks at a few, very short time periods, and everything has to work smoothly. We have equipped the stadium for the digital wave,” explains Jochen Borenich, member of the Management Board of Kapsch BusinessCom. To this end, Kapsch has installed more than 220 WLAN access points, close to 60 switches, and suitable security firewalls. In addition, state-of-the art media technology including content management, IPTV technology, and 264 screens ensures that the spectators in the stadium will receive all the latest information, not miss a single play of the game, and be entertained during the break.

Like a family

SK Rapid is a soccer team with many years of tradition. Players and fans feel like they are members of a large family. Harry Gartler, construction project manager and the future manager of Allianz stadium, not only found a competent solution provider in Kapsch, but also a family-owned company with tradition. This was a significant advantage while working together in the intensive planning and implementation phase. “We really grew together and are happy to have Kapsch on board,” he said.

Graphic: The modern stadium scores – inter alia – with 220 WLAN access points
Photo rights: © Kapsch AG

Pictures 1: July 16, 2016 is the big day – the opening of the new home of SK Rapid
Photo rights: © SK Rapid

Pictures 2: Fans can expect a well-appointed stadium
Photo rights: © SK Rapid

Kapsch BusinessCom, a Kapsch Group company, generated revenue of approximately EUR 302 million in fiscal year 2014/15 with its 1,300 employees. The comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions of the leading digitalization partner in Austria and the CEE region includes technology solutions for stable, intelligent, and – most importantly – secure ICT infrastructure, in addition to facility solutions for smart building and security technology, multimedia and business services for outsourcing applications, and innovative digitalization solutions that are custom-tailored for specific industries. With its Consult – Deploy – Operate approach, Kapsch is able to cover the entire ICT solution lifecycle for its customers. Kapsch is independent of specific manufacturers and utilizes the best technologies available from the world’s leading suppliers, such as Cisco, HP, and Microsoft, and combines them with solutions from its partner network of research institutions and application providers. Kapsch BusinessCom has more than 17,000 customers that include OMV, Allianz, ORF, Erste Bank, Vodafone, and ÖBB, and provides customer service for them both locally and globally in around 40 countries.


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