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Press release

11/5/2013 - Products

Kapsch brings Lower Austria’s provincial clinics closer together

Video conferences enable interdisciplinary, cross-clinic cooperation at NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding

Vienna, November 5, 2013 – With the implementation of a video conferencing solution for 27 clinic locations, Kapsch BusinessCom has bolstered the longstanding cooperation with NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding, the organization that oversees the provincial medical clinics of Lower Austria. The Cisco video conferencing system used allows the clinic doctors to hold interdisciplinary meetings between locations, which simplifies the optimal treatment and medical care of tumor patients in particular. Kapsch accompanied the rollout from the initial survey of requirements through the installation and is now responsible for maintenance and partially also for operational management.

“The introduction of the video conferencing system is helping NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding to offer its patients optimal treatment. The solution employed, allows for easy and very flexible inclusion of internal and external participants and also offers advantages in terms of time and economic resources,” explains Jochen Borenich, COO Kapsch BusinessCom. A Cisco Tandberg video conferencing solution with Samsung monitors was chosen for the optimal integration and video transmission. Video end points were installed at all 27 clinic locations. The systems can be booked via Outlook. Central management ensures that the processes run smoothly.

Video conferencing makes collaboration easier

“Treating diseases is an increasingly complex matter. Especially for cancer treatment, it is ever more important for experts of various disciplines to work together closely. This takes place in the framework of what are called tumor boards,” explains Robert Griessner, Medical Managing Director of NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding. Agreeing on the optimal treatment previously required that the specialists from the various clinics all be personally present, which entailed a greater expense in terms of time and money. “Holding the meetings by video conference now allows all necessary experts from various hospitals to be effectively included without the need for long travel times. If necessary, external specialists can also be brought into the video conference,” says Griessner. “This greatly simplifies our cooperation.” In addition to the comprehensive integration of all clinic locations, simple booking and operating processes as well as the ability to include external participants were key features for the implementation.

Kapsch offers full service

One of the main challenges of this project lay in the technical networking of all clinic locations and the comprehensive implementation within a very short time frame. “We only had about one year between awarding and completion,” explains Jochen Borenich. “In this year, the system was selected, the technical implementation was planned and all participants at the clinics were brought on board and coordinated. This was only possible thanks to the outstanding cooperation with the clinics.” After a detailed analysis of the situation, it was decided to expand the Cisco LAN system used in the clinics with a video conferencing solution. “Cooperation between different locations can be organized perfectly via video conferencing as long as the solution is truly easy to operate. This ensures that the focus is on people, not technology,” explains Achim Kaspar, General Manager at Cisco Systems Austria. The installation of the system and all necessary components was performed by Kapsch, who will also handle aspects of the ongoing operational management.

Kapsch, Austria’s largest Cisco partner, has an extensive portfolio for companies of all sizes that includes simple Web conferencing systems as well as comprehensive telepresence solutions. To ensure that every company receives the right system, experts from Kapsch advise customers throughout the process, from the purchase decision to implementation.

A video showing the solution in use can be found here (German only):


NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding – Offers local health services to ensure optimal care of the highest quality for all patients. With 27 clinic locations performing roughly 170,000 operations and a total of 2.24 million patient days, it is the largest clinic operator in Austria. The Lower Austrian clinics employ a staff of roughly 19,900 people, including 3,400 doctors and roughly 10,150 other employees involved in patient care. Overall, the Lower Austrian clinics have over 8,000 beds. Every year, the clinics treat more than 385,000 inpatients. 95% of Lower Austrians can reach a provincial clinic within 30 minutes. More information is available at:

Kapsch BusinessCom – a company of the Kapsch Group – is a leading ICT service partner in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe with more than 1,300 employees and annual sales exceeding 310 million euros. Embedded in the Kapsch Group, Kapsch BusinessCom is active worldwide with its own offices in Austria and subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Poland. Kapsch has positioned itself as an ICT service partner offering a complete solution portfolio covering the areas of information technology as well as telecommunications. In addition to system integration and continuous optimization measures, Kapsch BusinessCom is increasingly taking on responsibility for the entire area of operations. Kapsch BusinessCom relies on manufacturer independence and partnerships with globally leading technology providers, such as Apple, Avaya, Cisco, EMC, Google, Hitachi, HP, Microsoft or Mitel. In concert with these partners Kapsch offers its services as a consultant, system supplier and service provider, but above all as a reliable, dependable, long-term trusted advisor in a rapidly changing technological environment. Kapsch BusinessCom always generates clear added value for its over 17,000 customers.


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