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Kapsch Internal Developments

Meter to Grid Interface (Development Stage)

The innovative "Meter to Grid Interface" upgrades the conventional Smart Meter into an intelligent Smart Grid component. This further increases the benefits of your Smart Metering System. The individually programmable plug-in module communicates with the meter and can be controlled from the central Meter Data Management. In addition, other devices such as photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and customer displays can be integrated. The introduction of a decentralised intelligence allows micro-grids to be built, thus energy is used in a more meaningful and cost-efficient manner, to switch off devices according to priority and to avoid load peaks.

Load Switching Module

The Kapsch load switching module transforms a conventional Smart Meter into a high-performance load switching device for controlling e.g. water heating systems, night storage heaters, heat pumps or similar applications. This allows switching times to be more flexible than they have been in the past. No rewiring is required when installing the module, so the elaborate and expensive ripple control systems of the past can be inexpensively replaced. The Kapsch load switching module operates completely autonomously, but can be remotely configured and administered via the central Kapsch Data Management system.
The module has a number of innovative features (logging switching states, transmission to the central system, etc.) and is well prepared for network congestion emergencies. In this case, pre-defined groups of load switching devices can be controlled and selectively deactivated, whereby different scenarios can be incorporated.

Kapsch Distribution Terminal ZAK63

In the future, Smart Meters will be connected via a so-called distribution terminal on the wiring, instead of being directly connected via a screw terminal. The ZAK63 enables the quicker and cheaper replacement of the meter and also reduces risk of injury. Kapsch Smart Energy has developed an innovative product that optimally combines robustness, durability and functionality. Thanks to the innovative mounting tool with phase bridging, it is also possible for installers to replace the meter without disconnecting the end-user from the power supply, so the end-user also benefits from the use of the Kapsch distribution terminal.

Transformer Grid Management Kit

Due to this internal development, the transformer station is also part of the "smart" Kapsch system. This standalone appliance has cascadable temperature, humidity and vibration sensors as well as access control and it allows the operator to easily and clearly monitor the transformer station. Due to the additional interfaces, the unit can be expanded with various sensors (e.g. magnetic field, voltage or frequency measurement) or it can assume automated control & switching tasks. Triggered Alarms, e.g. due to a temperature threshold being exceeded or undercut or due to trespassing in the station, are directly transmitted to the control centre. The Transformer Grid Management Kit is also integrated into and managed within the central Kapsch Meter Data Management system.

IP Meter Module

Some operators also offer their customers telephone, internet or television connections. For this reason, network operators often already have an IP line in the building, via which the meter can be connected. With the IP module developed by Kapsch Smart Energy, a conventional Smart Meter can be converted into an IP meter and thus the existing infrastructure is efficiently used.

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