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Topics, trends and challenges

  • POS: Online and offline are merging into a single world.
  • Channels are becoming irrelevant! Customers no longer decide between online and offline.
  • Experiencej-based shopping: Customer experience and shopping convenience are becoming the measure of all things.
  • By optimizing space utilization, you optimize earnings.
  • Customer data: The correct storage and analysis of an ever-growing volume of data is critical.
  • More sales per square meter thanks to multimedia sales support.
  • Internet of Things: Networking of various components and sensors.

Kapsch solutions: Quality, performance, future stability

Shopping as a digital experience? No more lines at the checkout? Know who purchased what, when and how? Retailers need no longer dream about the shop of the future. With Kapsch, the digital experience store becomes a reality: as a solid investment in a solution from a single source.



Customized solutions from Kapsch, the basis for the large WLAN-5X1 from Kapsch: “Generation smartphone”: Millennials as target group number 1! Loyalty and enthusiasm: Turn customers into fans! Know your customer: And increase your performance per square meter! Make work easier for your employees: Convenience for the shop assistants! More comfortable purchase conclusion: Convenience at the checkout!

Our motto is: Make possible offline what is already possible online! With digital audio-visual solutions from Kapsch, your store becomes the shop of the future and shopping becomes an experience. This includes digitally optimized processes and ever better knowledge of customer behavior. The Kapsch shop of the future: Keyless store, line management at the checkout, zone and floor tracking, heatmaps for square-meter performance optimization, linking with external factors (weather, third-party systems, etc.), gender and age identification.

Online providers know their customers and their wishes very precisely. Why should that not also be possible offline, at the POS, in the store? Know your customer: With digital solutions from Kapsch for traffic management in shops, shopping centers and retail parks, in the city and in pedestrian zones. Various measurement methods can be individually adapted to the retail area. Evaluation of marketing activities and event controlling. Gender and age identification and secure data management.

Protect your data trove against the full range of offline and online threat scenarios. With sustainable solutions for IT and data security from Kapsch. Hosted in the most secure data center in Austria, the Kapsch earthDATAsafe. For example, for the merchandise management system, for checkout systems, CRM systems and maintenance of customer master data.

Goods only flow when data flows. With the “Internet of Things”, the digital shopping experience arrives in the brick and mortar shop. The online and offline worlds meet: with omnichannel tools from Kapsch for a broad range of possibilities and applications, for even better customer service, for an even greater customer experience at the POS.

Certainly you have heard the maxim: Do what you do best – and outsource the rest! This applies as much to established IT as to marketing IT. On one hand, it is necessary to act as a marathon runner, in other words thinking long-term, employing moderation and demonstrating endurance. On the other hand, the sprinter is also called for, with quick solutions, speed and power. Kapsch offers both: Marathon solutions for the outsourcing of standard IT operations and sprinter solutions for the core business IT of the retailer.

Benefits and advantages

  • Secure investments for a secure future.
  • Easy integration into existing environments.
  • Secure data housing and data hosting in the Kapsch earthDATAsafe.
  • Shopping becomes an experience thanks to innovative offers.
  • Win new customers.
  • Create new offers thanks to greater knowledge of the customer.
  • Higher performance per square meter, more sales, greater value creation.