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Topic, Trends und Challenges

  • Industry 4.0 ensures competitiveness.
  • Industry 4.0 optimizes value creation.
  • Digitalization expands and improves product and service portfolios.
  • Reduce scrap, improve efficiency.
  • From mass product to individual, customized product.
  • Distributed control: Production controlled by intelligent workpieces.
  • Wearable devices make operational processes simpler and more effi-cient.

Kapsch solutions: Quality, performance, future stability

They are already a common sight in modern production plants: employees with data glasses. Perhaps one of the most visible signs of the fourth industrial revolution. And Kapsch is supporting and assisting companies in their transition to Industry 4.0.


The more intelligent the production system, the more data is generated. Kapsch transforms immense data volumes into tremendous potential. With big data analytics solutions for quality optimization and predictive maintenance. The benefits: Data becomes an optimally usable resource, scrap is reduced, output and product quality are optimized, expensive downtimes are avoided, competitive advantages are secured thanks to predictive analyses.

The Kapsch machine-to-machine platform is a highly scalable and secure software-as-a-service solution. The production assets used regularly around the world can located in real-time with the machine-to-machine platform from Kasch for the purposes of process optimization. The benefits: Realization of new business models, strengthening of customer loyalty, reduction of costs.

The administration and production levels form a single unit in modern industrial networks: IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) are synergetically intertwined. But the security of these networks poses a major challenge. The end-to-end security portfolio from Kapsch ensures continuous information security and establishes optimal conditions for the protection of valuable investments and resources. This includes a methodical residual risk analysis and the identification of business risks and technical risks by means of business impact analyses and security audits.

Custom-tailored digital assistance systems for intuitive operation and visualization of information. At the right place and the right time with portable and mobile equipment from Kapsch. For implementing paperless production, enabling video remote support, guiding service work and providing training on the job. The benefits: Increased efficiency thanks to targeted information updates and more efficient troubleshooting, reduced travel costs with remote support solutions, reduced training costs.

In the “internet of things”, products communicate with machines, plants and systems. It is important here for products and their respective system or process state to be identified in real-time and for large data volumes to be transmitted securely, saved efficiently and interpreted intelligently. Kapsch offers end-to-end solutions: Whether from chip to product, for data transmission and acquisition or for data processing via special platforms utilizing custom-developed dashboards. That is smart, that is Kapsch.

Benefits and advantages

  • Digitalization and integration of complete value creation chains.
  • Digitalization of the product and service portfolio.
  • Increased sales thanks to innovative business models.
  • Secure data housing and data hosting.
  • Kapsch has decades of experience in industrial applications.
  • Kapsch is a member of major Industry 4.0 consortia and has close partnerships with technology leaders in the area of Industry 4.0.
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