Strategies and solutions


Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

Harnessing data, creating advantage: Kapsch's data science solutions as a basis for AI projects use innovative analysis tools and methods to generate new knowledge about the productive value of your company’s data. AI projects are specifically about the use of software modules that independently find solution approaches in problem processing and knowledge-based systems. Also included are components for pattern analysis, machine learning and prediction, and software components. With its ecosystem, Kapsch BusinessCom is in the position to solve the task to be implemented with the optimal components for it. The goal is the long-term optimization of business performance.

The information brochure for the Kapsch Discovery Workshop Artificial Intelligence & Analytics can be downloaded here as a pdf .


It all starts with the Kapsch Discovery Workshop.
In a test environment under real conditions with the inclusion of practice-relevant processes, business requirements are identified and data analyzessis carried out. To verify the analytics approach, a prototype is designed using representative sample data. For the proof of concept, the developed model is integrated into the current business process and linked to the real data.

Digitale Assistenzsysteme

The digital assistants are so-called cyber-physical systems: the "real" technical world is linked to the "digital" world. A typical example and the most visible sign of such systems are data glasses. The smart helpers from the "Internet of Things" are deployed in industry, in logistics and in service and support, for example, in automated production in machine operation and control processes. In close cooperation with our partner evolaris we offer you holistic solutions for the integration of digital assistance systems in your company. The first step to the optimal solution is the Discovery Workshop by Kapsch. Here, concrete models are used to develop concrete implementation solutions. The information brochure for the Kapsch Discovery Workshop Digital Assistance Systems can be downloaded here as a pdf .


evolaris next level is a leading competence center for mobile communication and innovation. The company evaluates web-based business models and develops productive application of mobile technologies.

Digital transformation & digital solutions

On the way to digitalization, there are usually more questions than answers: What effects does digitalization have on the business processes of my company? Which requirements are there? Which changes are necessary? Where are the specific challenges? Digitalization fast forward: Kapsch shows you how to create change and achieve your business goals with sustainable, individual digitization solutions. Kapsch offers you special workshops in which you work together with experts to develop the optimal digitalization concepts for your company.
The results of the Kapsch workshops form the base for technical and organizational detail concepts: an important cornerstone for the digital transformation of your company. The information brochures on our digitalization workshops can be downloaded here as pdf.


At the Kapsch Business Model Discovery workshop, we bring together your business drivers, relevant stakeholders, IT managers and digitalization experts from Kapsch. Together, new solutions and services are developed on the basis of current drivers, trends, state-of-the-art technologies and best-practice approaches.

The goals:

  • Optimal coordination of your products and services based on the current and future wishes and needs of your customers

  • Optimization of customer interaction in multi and omnichannel scenarios

  • Increase in efficiency. Transparency and agility of concrete processes

  • Construction and establishment of new services and business models

Solution modeling, prototype, implementation, end-to-end-implementation: In the Kapsch Digital Solutions Discovery Workshop, we work together with you to define the business requirements, the architecture and the optimal implementation that will enable the rapid realization of your digitalization initiative.

The goals:

  • Modelling the business requirements

  • The concept “bring to life”

  • Connecting of business applications and/or sensors

Digitalization of customer and service processes

In a digitalized world, secure identification is one of the most important assets. This applies above all to the banking and financial services sector above all. The legal situation of the Financial Market Authority calls for the unique identification and secure authentication of the user. Required are short video sessions and a SMS TAN. With the Kapsch Identity and Signature Service, the finance industry now receives a complete solution that benefits both sides - customer and bank.
The information brochure for the Kapsch Identity and Signature Service can be downloaded here as a pdf.


The Kapsch Identity and Signature Service is a modular system for the rapid, efficient creation of online forms and online applications. Even complex online forms can be implanted in the shortest time

POS Solutions is an Austrian specialist for the realization of digital End-To-End-processes and already has already implemented 50 projects in the EMEA-Region, mainly in the finance and retail sectors. Europ Assistance serve over 300 million people worldwide.
With their 8,200 employees and 44 branches the company has become an international presence for innovative care services.

Digital platforms

Digitalization needs a strong basis. These This include high-performance platforms and intelligent applications. With partners such as SAP, Microsoft and Braintribe, Kapsch offers its customers a comprehensive, certified portfolio for a wide range of applications.


The open and flexible cloud computing platform. Develop and implement secure, highly available and scalable solutions using Microsoft technology.

Digital assistance system solutions from Kapsch and Evolaris. Linking the "real" technical world with the "digital" world. Cyber-physical systems are an important productivity factor, especially in the complex processes of Industry 4.0.

The IoT portfolio SAP Leonardo bundles big-data applications and connectivity into a cross-business offering with application scenarios for networked products, systems and infrastructure as well as fleets, markets and people.

With SEM from Kapsch, thousands of sensors, counters and IOT components can be visualized and managed and their data managed.

The agile Data as a Service platform supports the modernization of systems and processes as well as the realization of innovative, networked ideas. Targeted modeling of desired solutions and ideas with business and IT, rapid prototyping, advanced aggregation of data and building a datapedia at a record pace.