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Executive Board at Kapsch Aktiengesellschaft

Mag. Georg Kapsch: CEO

Mag. Georg Kapsch

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kapsch Group
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kapsch TrafficCom


Georg Kapsch is Chief Executive Officer of the Kapsch Group, Kapsch TrafficCom and Kapsch Group Beteiligungsgesellschaft.


  • Chief Executive Officer, Kapsch Group (since October 2001)
  • Chief Executive Officer, Kapsch TrafficCom AG (since December 2002);
    other functions in directly and indirectly associated companies.

Georg Kapsch began his professional career from 1982 to 1985, in the area of consumer goods marketing at the Kapsch Group. In subsequent years, he worked in the field of investment goods marketing. He has been CEO of the Kapsch Group since October 2001. In December of the following year, he also took over as chairman of the executive board of Kapsch TrafficCom.

Georg Kapsch has a degree in business administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He was chairman of the sub-organization of the Federation of Austrian Industries “1031 – Group of Young Entrepreneurs and Managers” (1988 – 1992). From 2008 – 2012, he was president of the Vienna chapter of the Federation of Austrian Industries. Since June 2012, Georg Kapsch has been president of the Federation of Austrian Industries.

Dr. Kari Kapsch: COO

Dr. Kari Kapsch

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kapsch Group
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kapsch CarrierCom


Kari Kapsch is Chief Operating Officer of the Kapsch Group and Chief Executive Officer of Kapsch CarrierCom (since 2010). He is also active in various functions within the Kapsch Group. As CEO of Kapsch CarrierCom he oversees the areas of M&A, Finance & Integrated Management Systems, Product Line Management, Research & Development, System Deployment & Support, Legal, Supply & Facilities, Marketing & Communications, and HR.


  • Chief Executive Officer, Kapsch CarrierCom (since 2010)
  • Chief Operating Officer, Kapsch Group (since 2002, Executive Board member since March 2001)
  • Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Kapsch TrafficCom AG (since June 2002)
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Kapsch BusinessCom AG and of Austria Telecommunication International AG
  • Managing Director, Kapsch PublicTransportCom GmbH (since 2016)

Beginning in 1982, Kari Kapsch oversaw hybrid manufacturing at the Kapsch Group. After holding an intermediate position at ANT, a company of the Bosch Group, he took over the business area of Traffic Telematics Solutions in 1990 and built up the business field of traffic tolls. In the subsequent years, Kari Kapsch led numerous business areas, and in 2001 he joined the Executive Board of the Kapsch Group.

Kari Kapsch obtained a Doctorate in Physics from the University of Vienna. He is a Management Board member of the Federation of Austrian Industries, Vienna and is active in numerous industry associations.

From 1996 to 2002, Kari Kapsch was Chairman of the Management Board of “Young Industry Vienna” and Deputy Chairman of “Young Industry Austria”.

Dr. Franz Semmernegg: CFO

Dr. Franz Semmernegg

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Kapsch Group
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Kapsch BusinessCom


Franz Semmernegg is Chief Financial Officer of the Kapsch Group and Kapsch Group Beteiligungsgesellschaft as well as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Kapsch BusinessCom. He is also chairman of the supervisory board of Kapsch TrafficCom and plays an active role in various functions for various companies of the Kapsch Group.


  • Chief Financial Officer, Kapsch AG (since October 2001)
  • Chief Financial Officer, Kapsch Group Beteiligungs GmbH (since April 2005)
  • Chief Executive Officer (since April 2010) and Chief Financial Officer (since March 2003), Kapsch BusinessCom AG
  • Chairman of the supervisory board, Kapsch TrafficCom AG (since June 2005; member since June 2002)
  • Member of the executive management, Kapsch Smart Energy GmbH, Kapsch Cashpooling and Hedging GmbH, Kapsch IT Services for finance and industries GmbH and Kapsch S.R.L. (Romania)
  • Member of the executive management, CALPANA business consulting GmbH
  • Deputy chairman of the supervisory board, Austria Telecommunication International AG

Prior to joining the Kapsch Group, Franz Semmernegg worked for the technology company Schrack. Having held management positions at Ericsson Austria (1998) and Schrack Seconet (1997), he oversaw the successful management buy-out of Schrack BusinessCom by Ericsson Austria in 1998. From 1999 to September 2001, he was a member of the management board of Schrack BusinessCom AG.

Franz Semmernegg has a doctorate in business administration from the Karl Franzens University of Graz. He began his professional career at the accounting firm Wirtschaftstreuhandkanzlei Nidetzky, where he specialized in tax consulting, reorganizations, company valuation and financing.