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Corporate Museum

History reloaded

Originally designed as a collection of historical Kapsch products at Hoffmannsplatz, and last exhibited at Kapsch BusinessCom, the history of the Kapsch Group is now accommodated in the building of Kapsch CarrierCom. “The historical development of the Group was recreated for the new museum and arranged chronologically and by theme to make Kapsch’s roots tangible for visitors”, summarized Alf Netek, CMO of the Group and project manager for the new Kapsch Museum.

The great variety of well-preserved exhibition pieces, which in some cases have already faded into obscurity, are now exhibited thanks to the commitment of Erwin Macho. In the following interview he provides us an insight into the museum.

Discover the highlights!
Discover the highlights!


Journey through the history of Kapsch

Together with numerous photographs from all eras, more than 50 exhibits invite you on a journey through the history of Kapsch.

Early years

Johann Kapsch founded a precision mechanics workshop in Vienna’s Neubau district in 1892…

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A call was enough

In contrast to many other companies, when the war ended in 1918 Kapsch was able to build on its pre-war…

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Radio years

Kapsch produced its first radio receiver in 1923. At the same time, a struggle for the first license…

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And war again

The so-called ‘Anschluss’ (annexation) took place in 1938 and Austria became part of the German Reich…

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Listening to the radio and watching television

The initial situation in 1945 was not too promising: parts of the company’s factories had been severely damaged…

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Professional mobile radio

In the 1950s, security forces and railway companies were increasingly outfitted with radio equipment…

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From voice network to data network

In telephony, technical development progressed in stages: the fully automated switch system 48…

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Private communications technology

Full automation of Austrian telecommunications was completed in 1972…

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Telephony goes mobile

Kapsch participated in the development of all mobile telephony standards from 1980 and continued…

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Control of railway and air travel

Trains were originally controlled exclusively using optical and acoustic signals. In recent decades,…

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Kapsch on the road

In the 1990s, intelligent traffic solutions became an important business segment for Kapsch…

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Miscellaneous – Large exhibits

Large exhibits in the middle of the exhibition room.

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