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Rádiós hozzáférési hálózati megoldások

A Kapsch CarrierCom rádiós hozzáférési hálózati megoldások portfoliójából számos terméket kínálunk:

Base Transceiver Stations (BTS)

for outdoor and indoor installations, including upgrade modules for legacy product lines and radio modules
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Base Station Controller (BSC)

designed to meet the increasing demands in GSM voice and data traffic as well as GSM-R connectivity
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Transcoder Unit (TCU)

 for encoding and decoding speech and to handle data rate adaptation
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Packet Control Unit Support Node (PCUSN)

performs GSM packetization and serves multiple BSCs
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Operation and Maintenance Center – Radio (OMC-R)

manages configuration, supervision and performance of all GSM access network elements
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Kapsch s.r.o. to be general GSM-R contractor in the Czech Republic
The Czech infrastructure operator SŽDC placed an order in July 2011 with Kapsch s.r.o. to equip the railway route between Ostrava – SR and Přerov - Č. Třebov with GSM-R...

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