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About Us

Kapsch CarrierCom is a dynamic partner for companies operating in the evolving world of telecommunications.

We are a global system integrator and supplier of end-to-end telecommunications solutions for fixed and mobile network operators, railway operators, urban transport organizations and companies seeking real-time asset management solutions.

By providing the full set of professional services alongside mission- and business-critical telecommunications, Kapsch CarrierCom is the trusted partner for clients around the world. Strategic partnerships and a strong focus on innovation in nine R&D centers in Europe and Asia, make Kapsch CarrierCom a market specialist in telecommunications.

We are always where you need us. Our headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria, but we are present around the globe - with more than 20  subsidiaries.

In France we focus on network planning, implementation, monitoring and optimization. Our third and fourth level customer service is also located here, with around the clock technical assistance, every day of the week.

Below, find a brief overview of our milestones.

1982 - Foundation

Kapsch CarrierCom is founded as "Austria Telecommunication", a 50%-joint venture of the leading Austrian telecommunication companies Kapsch and Schrack. In the then strictly regimented telecom market Kapsch CarrierCom receives the order to digitalize the Austrian telephone system.

1995 - Acquisition of the Ericsson-Schrack-shares

Kapsch acquires Schrack's 50% share and thus becomes the sole owner of Austria Telecommunications.

2000 - Renaming to Kapsch CarrierCom

During the reorganzation of the Kapsch Group, Austria Telecommunication is renamed to Kapsch CarrierCom.

2005-2008 - International expansion

2005 A new branch office in Croatia is opened.
2006 A new branch office in Bulgaria is opened.
2007 A new branch office in Serbia is opened.
2008 New branch offices in Slovenia, Belarus and Macedonia are opened.

2009 - Continued expansion

Kapsch CarrierCom acquires TIS.Kis d.o.o. and parts of Ring Datacom d.o.o., and thereby significantly strengthens its position in Croatia.

2010 - Establishment of Kapsch CarrierCom SAS

With the acquisition of Nortel’s GSM-R and GSM business parts, the increasing internationalization of Kapsch CarrierCom receives a large push.

A new branch office in France is opened.

A subsidiary of the French office is founded in Algiers.