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References of Kapsch TrafficCom

Take a look at the advanced solutions for future mobility – not only in theory but also in practice. The following references are great examples of our work.


GO Maut 2.0 Project

  • 2200 km of Free-Flow Tolling
  • Fully integrated ANPR-based vehicle identification system
  • Very low demand for manual interventions
  • Pure video-based vehicle classification as well as trailer detection
  • A redundant operational and enforcement back office
  • 250,000 on-board units with another optional 250,000
  • Dependency of tolling tariffs on emission classes
  • ANPR identification system to check the emission-based deduction validity
  • Safe and unimpeded transit capability with a particular focus on connecting with the other EU member states
  • Post implementation: monitoring, technical support and system maintenance
Oran, Algeria

Tramway Prioritization for Oran, Algeria

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as a platform for public transportation control in city environments
  • 69 prioritized intersections along 18.7 km and 32 stations
  • Travel time management (decreasing delays)
Australia and New Zealand

Two decades of Multi-Lane Free-Flow

  • The world’s first and largest electronic toll collection system for an interurban environment
  • Multiple turnkey multi-lane free-flow systems around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland
  • Free flow toll collection using Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC), video based detection and classification and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).
  • Motorway deployments through open and closed systems
  • Full end to end solutions through roadside to central systems
  • Walkable gantry solution to avoid traffic distributions for maintenance operations
  • Matching urban design requirements through cladding
  • Enhancing safety for technicians to reduce visibility and distractions to road users
  • High performance and availability  systems to maximize revenue and avoid leakage
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Integrated Mobility Management System in Buenos Aires

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for traffic control
  • Integration of 9 existing traffic areas with 4000 controllers
  • Standardized UTC interface for future extensions
  • Events Management
  • Multimodal Transit data integration
  • MultiAgency collaboration
  • Web portal for traveler information

BelToll Project

  • Nationwide Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system
  • roadside equipment consisting of tolling and enforcement gantries and DSRC transceivers
  • ANPR cameras, compliance and enforcement Systems, a central host system, a data transmission infrastructure and back offices
  • 500,000 on-board units
  • 140 gantries including 30 enforcement gantries and two modern data centers
  • more than 50 Customer Service Points
  • 42 Mobile Enforcement Vehicles (MEV) and 23 Enforcement Check Points
  • Efficient, fair and transparent toll collection in Multi Lane Free Flowing traffic

Nationwide Tolling & E-Vignette System

  • e-Vignette System: Light Vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs until 03/2020)
  • Transition from time-based to distance-based tolling for HGV above 3,5 tons
  • Introduction of the GNSS Tolling of all Vehicles above 3,5 tons (from 03.2020)
  • Sales Channels such as Web, Points of Sale, Self-Service Terminals and Mobile App
  • Certified ISO 9001/2008 streamlined processes
  • Implementation and 24x7 maintenance and support
  • Daily service delivery
Success Story: National e-vignette and tolling solutions in Bulgaria
Mumbai, India

Urban Mobility Management for Mumbai, India

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for traffic control (UTC)
  • Minimize traffic slowtimes
  • Multi agency collaboration
  • CCTV System
Panama City, Panama

Urban Mobility Management for Panama City

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for Integrated Traffic management
  • Events and Roadworks management
  • Multi-agency collaboration
  • Publication of mobility information in open mode (Open Data)
  • Travel time management system
  • Traffic modelling and simulation

Integrated Traffic Management in various cities in Spain

  • EcoTrafiX™ solution as an integrated platform for traffic control
  • Signaling integration with variable message
  • Publication of mobility information in open mode (Open Data)
  • Integration and display of information from municipal GIS
  • Managing access control for restricted areas
Success Story: Intelligent mobility in Madrid. Realtime data capture and analysis
Madrid, Spain

Maintenance and Operation Services for the City of Madrid

  • ITACA as the real-time Adaptive Traffic Signals System
  • Advanced performance control strategies
  • The automatic validation process of data
  • Global and accurate view of all the traffic data in each junction
  • Rules-based project-specific configuration
  • The maintenance of about 800 IP controllers, more than 40,000 traffic Light, 1,000 detectors, 200 Cameras, 50 Red Light Enforcement and all the communication network
Dallas, United States

Integrated Corridor Management, traveler information system and multi-agency coordination for Dallas

  • Comprehensive EcoTrafiX™ solution for global corridor-wide transportation operations
  • Multi-agency collaboration
  • Multi-modal traveler information
  • Shared and collaborative map-based system
  • Implementation of global and multi-modal traffic improvement strategies
  • Increasing the corridor throughput
  • Improving the travel time reliability and incident management
New York State, United States

All-Electronic Toll System

Complete System Conversion for the New York State Thruway Authority

  • The Kapsch single-gantry all-electronic toll (AET) solution
  • Use of the Kapsch vehicle detection and classification sensor (NVDC) along with supplemental sensors to accurately determine vehicle tolling class at all NYSTA AET toll points
  • Staging facility and configuration laboratory in order to centralize operations
  • Supporting deployments at up to six sites in parallel across different sections of the state
  • Central host system at the NYSTA headquarters and disaster recovery backup system at remote location
  • To be maintained without requiring any lane closures
  • 51 new single-gantry toll facilities and 148 lanes of toll equipment along the NYSTA highways
Texas, United States

Tolling and Managed Lane Solution in Texas

The LBJ Express and North Tarrant Express

  • Fully integrated TCS, ITS and an ATMS with a Central System
  • The Kapsch DYNAC ATMS® Software
  • TSM’s dynamic pricing algorithm
  • Laser-based volumetric system utilizing Kapsch Laser Vehicle Detection and Classification (LVDC) scanning technology
  • Dependency of tolling tariffs on emission classes
  • ANPR identification system to check the emission-based deduction validity
Washington State, United States


The integrated electronic toll road for the Washington State Department of Transportation

Kapsch dynamic pricing solution

Installed devices along the entire length of the corridor

True image-based trip building

Toll amounts are deducted electronically or billed by mail – no toll booths


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