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Smart Spaces – Work Efficiently and Safely 

Work safely in an intelligent environment. Kapsch BusinessCom presents solutions for the smart work of the future. Explore the possibilities!

You want to ...

  • make productive use of office space and workstations while also optimizing operating costs?
  • have a complete overview of your meeting room use at all times?
  • communicate relevant information quickly and easily to employees and customers by digital means without the need for technical expertise?

We are a digitalization partner, system integrator and leading provider of digital building services with in-depth know-how and solution competence. This is how we create end-to-end solutions for the work models of the future. Examples include a variety of sensors and actuators, IoT gateway modules, cloud platforms and associated data analysis along with a dashboard and mobile application.

Smart office overview

Solutions in detail

Employees want a safe and comfortable environment to do innovative and efficient work. The solutions from Kapsch BusinessCom offer the following possibilities:

  • Effective implementation of open offices and coworking spaces
  • Flexibility in the use of time and space
  • Task-oriented working
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Indoor navigation and wayfinding

Building services

Smart buildings collect real-time data to make decisions and automate activities. How does this work? With a fine-meshed sensor network for applications such as smart lighting, optimal use of space and smart furniture. Or with applications for indoor localization, parking management, energy management and visitor management in real-time as well as security concepts and long-range mobile communications.

The resulting insights into the potential for increased efficiency and other improvements are an important basis for management decisions. Opportunities abound for facility management:

  • Optimizing energy management
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Optimal use of office space
  • Safety at the workplace
  • Increased site performance
  • Building enhancement through digitalization

The “smart office” from Kapsch BusinessCom and Sedus

Smart Office

Smart work and smart buildings go together perfectly. The cloud-based smart work platform expands the range of solutions for smart spaces. A turnkey end-to-end solution for companies of all sizes and industries.

Smart office use with se:connect

Data is tremendously important as a basis for making decisions when it comes to the future of office design. The management tool se:connect and the sensors in office furniture allow companies to track in real-time which locations are used and which are not. The data supplied by se:connect assists with calculating the required office space.

By combining the data with mobile applications, users can quickly and easily find and book places to work in the office. They also receive useful information about where their coworkers, teams or workgroups are currently to be found.

More space for business

Closed doors to empty meeting rooms. A familiar scenario: an important meeting is needed, but all rooms are occupied. Or are they? It often happens that meeting rooms are booked even though no one is there. The “Smart Meetingroom” solution not only analyzes room use, it also automatically clears the bookings of unoccupied rooms.

More smart office services:

  • Samsung Flip Board
  • ClickShare solution

Kapsch addressed our needs precisely. The in-depth planning and implementation were as professional as always. The project was completed on-time and on-budget without the slightest hiccup despite the high level of complexity.

Dieter Gally, Head of IT Development, OeNB 

Media technology & digital signage

The right solution for every situation. Multimedia is yet another area where Kapsch BusinessCom shines. From digital signage to infotainment and media technology – the solutions are oriented entirely around the needs of the customers:

  • Indoor and outdoor electronic displays
  • Sophisticated content management software
  • Efficient networking of digital information and multimedia systems
  • Data and video projection
  • Modern audio solutions

Smart Meetingroom overview

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Smart crowd management

The situations we face today call for rapid solutions. Managing large gatherings of people as a safety measure will continue to be necessary in many areas for some time to come. The modular toolkit of smart sensors from Kapsch BusinessCom is perfectly designed for intelligently managing and serving high-traffic areas. Naturally, the modules can also be combined into individual configurations.

  • Automated occupancy tracking 

    You don’t have to be a math genius to master occupancy tracking. The task of counting occupants is handled by sensors and/or cameras at entrances and exits. Real-time data collection is automated even across multiple sites. Customers are analyzed as they enter and leave. The technology can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing network.

  • Fever measurement made easy 

    Keeping a cool head couldn’t be simpler with fever thermal imaging cameras, which can identify people running a fever without the need for physical contact. Special features: High range and precision, automatic alerting, reliable integration into any network. Practical: Choose between mobile hand-held solutions and stationary solutions.

  • Mask mandate  

    Hiding behind a mask is not so easy with this module. The AI-based mask detection registers whether or not people are wearing a mask. An alert process can be automatically triggered, informing supervisors so they can initiate further measures or break up traffic flows.

  • Never work alone – remote live assistance 

    Live assistance enables access to remote support so you don’t have to do without the help of specialists even at a distance. The service even has a name: EVOCALL connects you to specialists over live video and audio in a variety of ways. Important informational materials, such as data sheets or checklists can be sent directly to a head-mounted display, smartphone or tablet.

  • Precise distancing management 

    Correctly judging distances is difficult for many people. The distancing management solution from Kapsch BusinessCom solves this problem in a smart way. Employees are actively notified via an app or smart devices if they fail to maintain the minimum distance. Special sensors are used in offices for distancing management. The data can also be compiled for further analysis.

Kapsch BusinessCom – Special topics 

The recipe for success: Knowledge! Our experts have a wealth of expertise and are eager to assist you in your digital transformation.

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