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Microsoft Cloud Solutions 

Kapsch BusinessCom is Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020 in Austria! This was made possible by the fast and agile development and implementation of numerous projects and the extensive knowledge of Microsoft technology gained in the process.

We work with Microsoft to create Azure and SharePoint solutions, implement modern workplaces with M365 applications and enable collaboration, including service hub and security. These are important aspects of the digitalization strategies of major customers in all industries. The Kapsch BusinessCom Cloud Solution Provider partnership with Microsoft establishes ideal conditions for the development and implementation of digitalization solutions.

Why cloud solutions?

Admittedly, cloud solutions have not earned a great reputation when it comes to security… Thankfully, this situation has now changed for the better! Microsoft employs roughly 3500 security experts, who do nothing else all day but identify and analyze threats and eliminate weaknesses.

If there is one thing all cloud providers specialize in, it is simplicity. The providers understand the value of reducing the number of solutions in company environments, and the Microsoft cloud products – Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and Azure – feature direct protection against identity theft, data loss and advanced threats, without the need for customers to install additional security software.

Cloud providers also invest in physical and organizational security: from checking employees for USB sticks infected with malware to red team / blue team exercises. Cloud companies spend billions to continuously improve their products and make them more secure. Why not profit from this?

In other words, migration to the cloud no longer means accepting additional security concerns. Extra security is now a motivation to move even more services to the cloud.

M365 offers

  • Integrated security 

    Microsoft operates and secures the infrastructure, the host operating system and the application layer. Data is stored in multiple data centers for geo-redundancy and is secured both at the data center and during the transmission between Microsoft and the customer. You control the access to your data and the associated identities. The data centers are largely automated and require no access to the customer content. Our developers require no permanent or extensive administrator rights that would allow them access to systems with customer data and possess no such rights. In rare cases, if such access rights are needed, they are granted only via multi-stage approval processes. Microsoft’s developers must pass background checks. Every access is logged and can be audited by the customer.

  • Data protection from the bottom up

    You remain the sole owner of your data: You retain all rights to the data you save in Office 365. Microsoft does not sift through customer data for advertising or use it for any purposes other than providing cloud productivity services to the customer.

  • Continuous compliance

    Microsoft 365 is a global provider. Continuous compliance means that Microsoft is committed to continuous improvement of the Microsoft 365 controls and staying abreast of new standards and regulations in your region and industry. Because regulations are often based on the same or at least similar controls, it is easier for Microsoft to meet the requirements of new regulations as well as requirements specific to a company or industry.

  • Transparency

    Microsoft takes the position that you have a right to be informed as extensively as possible about what happens to your data in the cloud. You will be specifically informed where your data is stored, who can access it under what conditions, how Microsoft will respond to requests from public authorities and how Microsoft can help you meet the compliance requirements. Each of our online services is regulated by a written security guideline, which complies with monitoring and standardization systems like ISO 27001, ISO 27002 (code of practice), ISO 27018 (code of practice) and others. You have access to many forms of verification, including reports from independent auditors and certifications for Microsoft’s cloud services for companies so that you can verify that Microsoft is satisfying the requirements.

Microsoft Teams, your central hub for teamwork

From live streaming team meetings to dialing into conferences already in progress – Microsoft Teams has been optimally tailored to your needs from the start. Communicate intuitively and spontaneously, keep everyone up to date or remain connected to your team by chat, telephone or conference. You can also easily plan online meetings and connect via HD video, VoIP and dial-in.

Integrated Office 365 applications

Give your team access to all important functions directly from Office 365. All conversations, files and tools are available in the team workspace, and you enjoy direct access to SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI and Planner. Create and edit your documents directly in the application. Keep your team updated with integrated emails. Find contacts, files and chats with the intelligent interface Microsoft Graph.

Integrating business processes 

Customize your Teams workspace to have instant access to important cloud services, data and the most recent activity in your applications. Create team channels for tasks or topics and conveniently pin frequently used files and websites. Integrate bots to simplify teamwork or use the Teams developer platform to integrate existing processes and IT systems into the workspace.


Want to immerse yourself in the world of Microsoft Teams? Let our expert Thomas Pirklbauer guide you on a tour of all the recent developments... 

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