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DevOps Engineer
 Barcelona,  Alcobendas,  Sevilla,  Bilbao   Full time

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Magdalena Gid

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Kapsch TrafficCom develops smart solutions to make mobility safer, more sustainable and efficient for everybody. We design, build and operate traffic management systems including connected vehicles technology and mobility demand management as well as tolling services for cities, roads, tunnels and bridges around the world. We develop data and video analytics platforms, building on state-of-the-art technologies including AI, machine learning, big data and cloud services to enable the digitalization of mobility.

The Role:

As a DevOps Engineer at Kapsch, you will be responsible for providing ongoing build and deployment support for the DYNAC product, which is a high-performance integrated software suite deployed at virtual transportation facilities around the world. Built on open architecture and incorporating an extensive use of open source software, DYNAC includes integrated bridge, tunnel and life safety management solutions, power management capabilities, and integrated SCADA.

In this role, you will help develop and institute an automated and repeatable CI/CD framework for our software suite. We are looking for innovative thinkers who can architect creative solutions and also identify opportunities for new tools, processes, and systems. You will also bring a fresh perspective on how SDLC should be done from test-driven deployment to CI/CD deployment.


  • Design, implement, and maintain scalable Kubernetes infrastructure

  • Collaborate with development teams to containerize applications and deploy them on Kubernetes

  • Optimize Kubernetes cluster performance, resource utilization, and cost-effectiveness

  • Implement and manage monitoring, logging, and alerting solutions for Kubernetes environments

  • Ensure the security of Kubernetes clusters by following best practices and implementing security controls

  • Automate Kubernetes deployment and management processes using infrastructure as code tools

  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Kubernetes infrastructure and deployments

  • Stay up-to-date with Kubernetes ecosystem developments and propose improvements

Skills Required:

  • Knowledge of Kubernetes concepts, like pods, services, deployments, and stateful sets.

  • Experience with container runtimes like Docker and containerd.

  • Familiarity with Kubernetes networking, including CNI plugins, ingress controllers, and service meshes.

  • Knowledge of infrastructure as code tools, such as Helm, Kustomize, or Terraform.

  • Ability to set up monitoring, logging, and alerting for Kubernetes clusters.

  • Understanding of Kubernetes security best practices, like RBAC, network, and pod security policies.

Our offer:

  • Permanent contract
  • Hybrid woking model (2 days at the office per week)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible remuneration plan
  • 30 business days of vacations
  • Challenging limits of mobility for a healthy world without congestion
  • Space for creating innovative solutions and ideas for our fast growing markets
  • Onboarding with an experienced team to get familiar with the business
  • An international working environment
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