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Your start after your certification.

Entry directly into the specialist department

You have already gained some experience in internships and projects or bring experience from your previous job? Are you committed and would you like to be part of our innovative team that is looking for new solutions with curiosity and courage in order to help shaping the future? Then you are right here!

Kapsch offers young talents who are interested in technology and have completed their HTL/ HTBLA (technical secondary school) a direct entry into a team in a wide range of specialist departments - without going a long way through a university or a university of applied sciences. Right from the start, you are part of a team in the specialist department, have your own tasks and work across teams to find solutions for your customers.

From the receipt of the order to the support and handover to your customer, you can use your know-how to contribute ideas and implement solutions and thus help to drive digitalisation forward.

Training and development opportunities are available to you right from the start: Workshops on the topics of communication and team development, as well as individual modules on personal development. In this way, you can develop along your career path from junior to senior.


  • Career entry as HTL/HTBLA graduate in the specialist field
  • Junior positions in areas such as cyber security, network technology, ...
  • Working in teams
  • Innovative projects
  • Extensive certification opportunities up to expert level
  • Individual modules for personal development
  • Flexible working time models with home office option
  • Support from a personal mentor
  • Application via
  • Selection procedure: Multi-stage interview process

Exciting experiences from our HTL/ HTBLA Graduates

Network security is just right for me!

Project Manager as a career path!

As a team, we master every challenge!

JumpIN - the career program for HTL/ HTBLA graduates 

Would you like to jump straight into the practical side of things after completing your HTL/HTBLA school-leaving certificate with an IT focus? 

Then just jump in - into the JumpIN program from Kapsch BusinessCom!

Do you like to work independently, are you a team player, are you interested in the future topics of digitalisation and automation and have you perhaps already gained some experience in internships and projects? But you still don't know exactly which area is right for you? Then JumpIN is absolutely the right place to start your career!

JumpIN not only offers you the opportunity to start right after graduation, but you will also get to know the areas where you will be part of a team after 2 years and receive many training opportunities for professional and personal development during the program.


Your "jump" through the departments

During your program, you will jump through the following departments to get to know them, to recognise and understand the connections between them and to develop solutions for your customers across teams.

  • System Integration

    System Integration - Cyber Security, Software Defined Networks, Cloud Transformation and Instant Real-Time Collaboration are changing companies faster than ever before. Customer-oriented consulting, perfect implementation and efficient servicing of state-of-the-art ICT solutions - that's what our heart beats for! Over 500 highly trained IT architects, designers and system engineers work in innovative and dynamic teams to ensure that the IT organisations of our customers throughout Austria can rely on us around the clock - every day.

  • Managed Service

    The Managed Services division offers our customers customised information technology services. Depending on the customer's requirements, we assume overall responsibility for the operation of one or more services. Examples include IT outsourcing, distributed cloud services or individual managed services such as backup or IT security services.

    In contrast to other areas, we are responsible for these services holistically over the entire life cycle and concentrate on the ongoing operating services for these services.

    The focus is always on high-quality service provision and continuous optimisation of operations as well as customer satisfaction based on this with corresponding long-term customer loyalty.

    We are in regular contact with our clients on an operational, tactical and strategic level in order to provide these recurring services at the highest level.

    We offer deep insights into the service world in the ICT environment and exciting topics across the entire range of technologies. Accompany customers from the initial contact, through transition and transformation to the ongoing operational management phase.

  • Digital Solutions

    Agile Software Development - Digital Transformation. Digitalisation and agility are megatrends that drive companies worldwide to improve and develop. Agility means reacting quickly to an ever faster changing environment. The way to achieve this with the help of modern software and technology is called Digital Transformation. We accompany our clients on this path. We advise them on how to digitalise their internal processes, their products and their business models and implement the associated software projects with state-of-the-art tools and methods. Jump in and be part of it.

  • Product & Services

    The Product & Services Management Hub (PSM Hub) supports the planning, development and marketing of Kapsch BusinessCom's own products in close cooperation with the other business lines. From identifying, testing and developing a product idea to the orderly 'end of life' of a product, we support the product ownership teams with our virtual toolbox and our know-how. In addition, the recruitment and provision of sales resources for our products (among other things) is also part of the PSM Hub's tasks.

  • PMPC - Project Management & Procurement

    Project manager: As the organisational link from order acquisition to order fulfilment, the project manager takes on all the necessary organisational activities to implement a project in terms of the objectives defined between the customer and Kapsch. The project manager plays a key role in directing the technical staff on the Kapsch side and the contact persons on the customer side. In addition to achieving the agreed goals, it is also up to the project manager to ensure that the project is implemented on time and within the agreed budget.

    Strategic buyer: Negotiating purchasing conditions and partnership agreements are the most important activities of a buyer, along with securing procurement opportunities. As the contact person for procurement for the entire organisation, he/she has an overview at all times of where a product could be procured and at what conditions. Critical orders or export issues cannot be implemented without the active involvement of the strategic buyer. 

    Commercial management and project support: The timely completion of a wide variety of tasks of varying complexity makes the project support staff the important backbone of fast, efficient and professional order fulfilment. With the knowledge of when, which maintenance contracts are to be extended for which customer and how the corresponding billing models of various suppliers are to be reconciled with the expected invoicing on the customer side, the commercial manager creates the basis for ensuring that performance also gets its price.

Training on the Job

You will be assigned to a "team leader" in each department, with whom you will define the assignment content and objectives. This ensures that you get a broad insight into the relevant areas right from the start.A team colleague from the department is always available to you as a "buddy" who supports you in your daily work and gives you valuable input for the activities.

Experienced mentors are available for all JumpIN members to support them in their personal development and career planning.

Training and further education during the program

In order to support you in the best way and to promote your personal development, further training opportunities are planned during the 2 years. These could include workshops on conflict management, presentation techniques or diversity training.

What does your future look like after the JumpIN program?

After 2 years you will be part of a team that you have already got to know better during your JumpIN program. Within the team you have your own area of responsibility and can help shape the future with your knowledge and know-how. Of course, you can continue to develop and expand your skills in the various training and further education program - in personal as well as professional areas.


  • Requirement: HTL/ HTBLA degree preferably with IT focus
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Permanent employment, transfer to a suitable specialist department after the program
  • “Jumps" through 4 stations
  • Accompanied by team leader & buddy from the respective department, and an assigned mentor & HR for the entire duration
  • Individual modules for personal development: e.g. conflict management, diversity,...
  • Salary increase after 12 months, further salary increase after completion of the JumpIN program

First impressions from our JumpIN - colleagues

Great future outlooks for job starters!

JumpIN Program - the best way to get to know an IT company well!

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