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You are interested in IT and technology? You are excited about working in the administrative area? You want to work together with colleagues from all over the world? Then Kapsch is the right place for you!

Have a look at what our apprentices tell about their training:

Have a look at what our apprentices tell about their training:

Does this sound exciting to you? Then apply for an apprenticeship in one of the world’s leading technology companies and discover the world of mobility and communication with more than 6,500 further colleagues around the globe.

We are proud to have been training apprentices for more than 70 years...

Being an apprentice at Kapsch not only means being well trained, but also that you’re part of the team in a trendsetting industry, in which loyalty, team spirit and having fun at work are lived and practised.
In the course of your apprenticeship, we want to give you a holistic view of our corporate structure and a high degree of integration into all work processes in order to make you a reliable part of the corporate culture.
For many years, over a third of the graduates have completed their apprenticeship with honours. We are very proud of that.

If you are not yet 100% sure if you would like to become an apprentice at Kapsch, we invite you to attend one of our yearly “Trial Days for new Apprentices”. Those days will give you the chance to get an impression of the company through discussions, tours, games and having fun learning the exciting opportunities that await you at Kapsch.

Here, you can subscribe directly for one of our Trial Days.

Technical apprenticeship

The Kapsch Group trains technical apprentices in the area of information and system technology and mechatronics in the first two years of apprenticeship in a fully equipped training centre.
At Johann Hoffmann Platz 9, 1120 Vienna, a total of 24 training and technical rooms and a mechanical workshop are available. Here, the optimal conditions for a high quality and practical apprenticeship are created.
After a week of getting to know each other, with introductory courses on topics such as hazards, safety, first aid and preventions of accidents, you will be familiarised with the subject matters of your training period.
Mathematical framework as well as spatial representation of objects will be reviewed and solidified.
Getting to know various tools and machines is the basis for the further training, where our apprentices then learn the principles of electrical engineering, mechatronics and digital and telecommunication technologies. Later, they also deepen their knowledge in the area of IT technologies and particular network services as well as mechatronics.

We offer the following additional activities:
Company outings (e.g. the Vienna Museum of Technology, Kapsch Museum, subsidiaries of the Kapsch Group, etc.), Christmas and summer projects (a chance to implement your knowledge practically), contributing at information events at educational institutions, summer workshops for children.

The final two years (3rd and 4th) will be spent in subsidiaries of the Kapsch Group. In special departments you can apply your acquired knowledge of the first two years of apprenticeship and prove and deepen your job-related skills in line with the professional profile and requirements.
Apprentices who were picked up for the austrian subsidiaries will finish their final two years in the respective local offices.

Commercial apprenticeship

As a commercial apprentice at the Kapsch Group you will start your training ‐ after an initiation week with other apprentices ‐ in a special department in one of our subsidiaries.
The departments are switched every six months, so that you can get an overview of all the necessary departments in a company and learn where tasks overlap and how important communication and teamwork are in our everyday work. Our employees are always there for you with support and advice.

You will pass some of the following departments in your commercial apprenticeship: quality management, controlling, accounting, purchasing, marketing, logistics (warehouse), distribution, customer service, secretary’s office, etc.
During your training period in the company, you will have to attend the particular professional school to deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge and take examinations according to the training period.
After three years of training, you have to pass a final apprenticeship examination (LAP) and can be hired by a department.

Various additional courses can be completed:
First aid course, social competence, reading practice, intensive English course, telephone and communication training, etc.

In addition, all apprentices with outstanding achievements will have the opportunity to deepen their professional knowledge and skills in a foreign language with practical training abroad.

Additional Offerings

English Course Specialisation 

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First Aid Course

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Apprentice projects

Driverless transport system - a project by our Kapsch apprentices

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Cooperation with "Maker Austria"

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Cooperation project with FH Technikum Vienna: Finger- & lip-mouse

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Challenge yourself

You are basically interested in technology or maybe already half an expert? Here you can test your level of knowledge on topics relevant to technical education and get direct feedback. Let’s go - challenge yourself!

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