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Wireless SCADA Solutions

Robust wireless SCADA point-to-multipoint solution

Wireless transmission with up to 60 kbit/sAprisa-SR+

A reliable infrastructure is absolutely necessary for todays critical networks and the communication between control stations and remote stations: Energy, water and gas provider won't compromise in terms of either security or efficiency.

Why choose Aprisa-SR+/SRX?

  • Due to the dedicated 470 MHz frequency band the system is available even in case of major events like blackouts
  • Data rate up to 60 kbit/s
  • Non line of sight operation
  • Monitoring performance parameters from different places (RTUs)
  • Enhanced Security features
    • AES 265 encryption
    • Encrypted images for upgrade via USB
    • Access control for LAN, serial and wireless
  • Serial and IP / Ethernet SCADA transmission
  • User friendly GUI for configuration and management
  • Flexible topology: The device can be used as a base station, repeater or client
  • Suitable for all SCADA applications connected with the generation, storage and distribution of energy

Aprisa-SR+ and Aprisa-SRX are intelligent wireless SCADA systems, that can make your SCADA network future proof. The SCADA world is becoming more and more complex, with growingmit requirements in regard to security and bandwidth. Aprisa-SR+ and Aprisa-SRX offer excellent network efficiency and performance for serial, IP and Ethernet SCADA data with multi layer security based on industry standards.


Wireless SCADA system up to 60 kbit/s

 The Aprisa SRX and Aprisa SR+ are distance-engineered and optimised for SCADA and telemetry applications, providing reliable, robust performance however demanding the conditions. RF performance is unbeatable, with attention paid to every element of the design: transmitter, receiver, modulation and efficiency. The receiver maintains exceptional low noise operation via excellent sensitivity for greater distance and high selectivity and intermodulation suppression for superior protection from interference. This performance is complemented by fast switching circuitry and high transmit power ensuring long distance operation with exceptional system reliability and availability.

Sample application:
  1. Wireless SCADA applications
Aprisa-SR+ features:
  • Two Ethernet and two serial ports
  • Licensed UHF band
  • Data rate up to 60 kbit/s per cell (SRX 20 kbit/s)
  • Many security features including AES 256 encryption, data authentication and micro firewall
  • Simple configuration/management, installation without laptop
  • Over-the-air software upgrades
  • Standard-based SNMP for the integration in network management systems
  • Reliable, robust, can be integrated in the existing SCADA infrastructure
  • Trnasmission system with traffic management optimised for SCADA applications


Aprisa-SR+ - Produktbild

Datenblatt Aprisa-SR+

Sample application:

Wireless SCADA cell

Funkzelle für SCADA Applikationen