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Security Solutions

Network security

Various tools for the security of your network

Network security has many aspects for which we provide suitable solutions.

Unified Threat Management

Together with our partner Fortinet, we provide network security appliances and solutions in the field of unified threat management (UTM). We provide comprehensive, integrated and powerful protection from dynamic security threats suitable for your network with Fortinet products and services.

macmonFortinet solutions are based on the FortiGate family. Fortinet delivers comprehensive protection from threats for applications and networks using ASIC-based performance acceleration and various threat analysis and defence technologies.

With Fortinet, we can create your solutions for:

  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-spam
  • VPN
  • Web filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • Traffic shaping

The benefits of Fortinet solutions by Kapsch Carrier Solutions:

  • The same user interface for all appliances
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Central management
  • ASIC processors protect the network in real time
  • More than 500 technicians around the world constantly update the software so that your network always has the best protection
  • All hardware, software and services are developed by Fortinet itself (no third-party manufacturers)

UTM Products:

FortiAnalyzer - UTM analysis and reporting appliance
FortiAP - WLAN Access Point with security
FortiAuthenticator - Central instance for user identity management
FortiClient - Endpoint security software for Laptop, PC and Smartphones
FortiDDoS - Appliance for DDoS mitigation
FortiExtender - 3G/4G wireless WAN extender
FortiGate - Unified Threat Management (UTM) system
FortiGate Rugged - Security platform for the industrial environment
FortiMail - Email Security Appliance - Antivirus, Antispam and more
FortiManager - Central UTM management appliance
FortiToken - 2-factor authentication
FortiWiFi - WLAN firewall

Network Access Control

Network Access Control (NAC) is actually an issue that has been a constant companion of every business since the introduction of network sockets. Today, however, monitoring and registering the connected devices, especially in the era of WLAN and BYOD, is incredibly important for network security. Despite this, many companies often do not know precisely which devices are connected where in their network, who they belong to and, most of all, exactly what they are doing.

We have now teamed up with macmon to offer an intelligent and simple NAC system. What is behind it and what do you get out of it? It’s simple: macmon communicates with all manageable switches in your network and therefore has a complete overview of all connected devices in the network:

  1. Overview and online documentation of which MAC and IP addresses are currently available and which switches they are docked to in the network
  2. Automatic configuration of the Ethernet access ports in a guest VLAN or, depending on the authorisation, in the application VLAN’s VoIP, EDV, etc.
  3. A message is sent to a central monitoring system if non-authorised MAC addresses are connected to the WLAN, for example
  4. Blocking of the access port or configuration in a honey pot VLAN or ‘dead’ VLAN


Intelligent technologies in the background ensure that countless system properties are brought together to secure system clarity. For example, the MAC address, IP address and current virus pattern can enable access to certain resources.

Without the need to implement, master or administrate the complex technologies yourself, you can take advantage of a vendor-neutral solution for which you do not have to adapt your network. The integration options with other leading security products also ensure sustainability, transparency and significant added value.

NAC Products:

macmon network bundle - Network Access Control


DDoS Protection


Port occupancy managementOrganizations are increasingly dependent on the availability of their services, and on their ability to connect to the Internet. Downtime results in immediate revenue loss.

Thunder TPS provides deep traffic visibility to spot anomalies across the traffic spectrum, and protects against multiple classes of attack vectors, including volumetric, protocol, and sophisticated application-layer attacks, which are detected and mitigated to prevent a service from becoming unavailable.

The networking industry, as well as business analysts, are seeing an increasing trend in DDoS attacks. Attacks are not only occurring more frequently, but with greater volumes and increased sophistication. With DDoS mitigation capacity ranging from 10 to 155 Gbps, (and up to 1.2 Tbps in a cluster), or up to 223 million packets per second (pps). Thunder TPS ensures that the largest DDoS attacks can be handled effectively.