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Modem Solutions


Optimising the data rate and range of existing copper lines is required due to the increasing bandwidth demand.

For example, existing copper lines can continue to be used to connect local network stations. High bandwidth and a high level of reliability are achievable with modern technologies, and this can be expanded with the targeted use of repeaters – with remote powering if required.

The infrastructure can – depending on the existing cable routes and availability requirements – be designed with a star, ring or chain topology. Classic serial interfaces such as V.24 or V.28, X.21 and E1 can be transmitted as well as Ethernet.

ADSL/SDSL - Modems:

ADSL-2401m  - ADSL2+ DIN rail modem and router with Ethernet and serial port
FlexGain  - 19" Chassis for G.SHDSL modems
MiniFlex  - SHDSL.bis Mini IP DSLAM
MiniFlex-DIN-Rail  - Compact DIN rail modems up to 30 Mbit/s
Orion-3  - G.SHDSL.bis extended 2-/4-/8-wire modems for up to 15.2 Mbit/s per twisted pair
Orion-3-Rail  - G.SHDSL.bis extended 2-/4-wire DIN rail modem
Orion-3-Repeater  - G.SHDSL.bis extended repeater
RSA-4122w  - DIN rail router for ADSL-Ethernet-cellular
RSA-4222w  - DIN rail router for xDSL-Ethernet-LTE


Ethernet star topology
Ethernet Sterntopologie

Chain topology

Ring topology