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GPRS Solutions


Leased line services without infrastructure

Leased line connections are often used in a SCADA environment. But how do you reach locations like

  • Renewables-based generating plants (photovoltaics, wind power plants etc.),
  • Combined heat and power plants,
  • virtual power plants,
  • smaller substations,
  • water pumping stations or
  • sewage treatment plants

when there is no infrastructure available? With GPRS / UMTS / LTE modem solutions you can have instant access to almost every spot in your territory without a major effort!

Der große Vorteil von GPRS bzw. UMTS liegt in der kostengünstigen Anbindung von Endgeräten

The great advantage of GPRS / UMTS / LTE ist the cost efficient interconnection of SCADA devices. With Ethernet or V.24 interfaces we cover the major part of the needed connection types, for example the IEC 104 protocol. This is done with many features that leased lines used to have, but without own infrastructure, instant availability and volume based billing.

GPRS - Solutions:

TAINY EMOD-V3-IO - Secure connection of wireless M2M applications in your IP network
TAINY-HMOD-V3-IO - GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA modem with VPN-Router (IPsec) and firewall
TAINY iQ-4GDSE2 - LTE modem with VPN-Router (IPsec) and firewall