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Two-Factor Authentication & PKI Solutions

FortiToken Strong Authentication Solutions allow you to easily enable Ttwo-factor Authentication for access to protected Networks and Security devices. Two-factor authentication solutions improve security and reduce the risk of compromise inherent in single-factor authentication solutions such as static passwords. FortiToken 2-factor authentication solution devices enable administrators to offer enhanced security for both remote and on-premise users. It ensures that only authorized individuals can access your organization's sensitive information. Each FortiGate™ consolidated security platform is able to provide an integrated authentication server. Combining this strong authentication capability with one of the FortiToken One Time Password (OTP) security devices or mobile applications eliminates the need for an external authentication server. The short-lived, time-based token adds strong authentication to secure remote IPSEC and SSL VPN access, Wi-Fi Captive Portal network logon and FortiGate Administrator login. The token always remains synchronized with the FortiGate controller. FortiToken PKI tokens also provide strong authentication using the token’s private key as the second factor, in addition to offering other PKI based functionality such as digital encryption and signing. FortiToken OTP and PKI tokens are also integrated with FortiAuthenticator, which serves as the centralized authentication and token manager, as well as PKI manager.

to the sample application:
  1. Authentication with FortiToken
FortiToken Features:
  • Low initial cost for Two-Factor Authentication
  • Skalable
  • Integrated with FortiClient™ and protected by FortiGuard™
  • Conform to standards
  • Synchronised with FortiGate®
  • Time based, short-lived (60 seconds), 6-digit passwords
  • No OPEX

Datasheet FortiToken 200

Sample application:

Authentiication with FortiToken

Authentication with FortiToken