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VoIP Gateway for eight FXO interfaces

The innovaphone IP38 is the only analogue VoIP gateway of the innovaphone product family. In contrast to the other innovaphone VoIP gateways, the IP38 has no ISDN interfaces. It is equipped with 8 analogue FXO interfaces and is therefore primarily intended to be used as an analogue media gateway. In installations where only analogue connections to the trunk line exist, the IP38 converts these into IP lines thus creating the conditions needed for modern IP telephony.

It is basically possible to also operate an innovaphone PBX on the innovaphone IP38 VoIP gateway, in particular for smaller PBX installations. In doing so, it supports the essential features of the innovaphone PBX. It should be noted, however, that no CF slot has been foreseen in the IP38. As the other innovaphone VoIP gateways store data locally on a Compact Flash card such as voice data, customised music on hold or individual announcements , it will be necessary to use an external Web server or another innovaphone VoIP gateway with Compact Flash in order to use these functions with the IP38. Please also note that the analogue interfaces may only be used for analogue trunk lines. If analogue end devices have to be connected, an innovaphone analogue adapter (IP22, IP24 or IP28) should be used.

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to the sample application:
  1. VoIP PBX
IP38 Features:
  • VoIP gateway
  • Supports SIP and H.323
  • 8 analogue FXO ports
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • Coder standards G.711, G.729AB
  • Upgradeable to IP-PBX
  • 19" brackets available


Datasheet IP38
Brochure VoIP products

Sample application: