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Carrier Ethernet System

MPLS / Carrier Ethernet integrated systems

Carrier EthernetWe offer a complete family of instruments with the MPLS system from Telco Systems, which boasts the following features:

  • A management system (simple network operation, customer network management)
  • High availability (switching in less than 50 ms in case of failure)
  • QoS (ensuring quality of service)
  • A complete family of products (Core, Edge, CPE)
  • Standard MPLS (flexibility)
  • TDM integration
  • Future-proof (100 G, cloud services)

The EdgeGenie management system is at the core of the network’s operations, simplifying them in the best way possible. 

Ciena 3000  -  Service Delivery Switches
Ciena 5000  -  Service Aggregation Switches
Ciena 8700  -  Multi-Terabit-Ethernet-over-DWDM Packet Switch
EdgeGenie  -  Service Management System
OneControl  -  Unified Management System
T-Marc 3208SH  -  Cellular Backhaul Demarkation
T-Marc 3308  -  Carrier Ethernet 2.0, MPLS, IP and SDN Enabled Premium NID
T-Marc 3312SC  -  Next Generation Backhaul Demarcation
T-Marc 3348S  -  10 Gigabit Ethernet/MPLS Demarcation system
T-Marc 340/380  -  Ethernet Service Demarcation and Extension
T-Metro  -  Carrier Ethernet Multiservice Access Platform
T-Metro-7124S  -  Multilayer 10 Gigabit Ethernet Enhanced Service Switch
T-Metro-7224  -  Multi-Service Aggregation Switch
T-Metro-8006  -  Modular MPLS Core Switch
T-Metro-8001  -  10 GE Aggregation Switch
T-Metro-8100  -  100 GE Aggregation Switch
T5C-XG  -  Multilayer 10 Gigabit Ethernet Service Switch