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Managed/Hosted VoIP PBX

Managed/Hosted VoIP PBX

our products VoIP PBX

With only one system we are able to set up the functions of either Managed- and Hosted-PBX. The innovaphone PBX and the complementary VoIP systems enable us to provide a complete solution from a single source. The uniform and scalable structure facilitates the use of the "pay as you grow" principle for these solutions. With flexible licencing the licenses can be assigned to different projects without expiring.

Managed VoIP PBX

1. Managed VoIP-PBX Service

Managed VoIP PBX

Managed VoIP-PBX is an intelligent professional telecommunication solution. This modern telecommunikation service offers distinct advantages for small and medium businesses as compared to operating their own VoIP PBX. The innovaphone PBX  is ideally suited for use as Managed PBX. Beeing thoroughly implemented according to the VoIP standards SIP, H.323 and T.38 it can be used in a large variety of environments both on the provider or the customers site. The end user gets his telecommunication services and devices from a single source.

Conventional fax machines are fully supported and connected to the network with analogue adapters. The connection to the PSTN is done via SIP trunk or ISDN. Features such as call forward, group functionalities, three person conferencing and call back on busy enhance productivity for the customer. Unified Communications features like Voicemail, Fax, Chat etc. also extend the service spectrum of the provider. High availability solutions with redundancy and optimal flexibility with the location concept offer additional service opportunities.

The provider can use the Managed VoIP-PBX as an optimal solution for many different voice applications for medium-sized enterprises, without an investment in a dedicated PBX for the customer. Programming, operation, administartion and maintenance can either be done completely by the provider, or shared with the customer, while the hardware location can be chosen freely, at the provider or at the customers site.

2. Hosted VoIP-PBX Service

Hosted VoIP PBX

A consistent further development of the Managed PBX Service is the Hosted VoIP PBX Service. IPVA (Virtual Appliance) is a VMWare based system that offers the same feature set with an even better scalability. The virtualisation of the PBX enables the system to hold several hundred independant virtual PBX with about 100 participants each. The hardware and so the necessary investments can grow together with the newly added customers. Several thousand subscribers can be handled within this solution.

The connection of the Hosted PBX to the public network is usually done by a SIP trunk, but with a gateway it can also be implemented with classical ISDN interfaces. At the customers site all devices are simply connected to the data network. The provider profits by the autoconfig feature for a very simple configuration and the customer can  concentrate better on the core business. Especially customers with many distributed branch offices can profit by the Hosted PBX, because all the features can be used at every location without restriction of any kind.

The  systematic separation of the innovaphone PBX entities enabes the system to securely host many different clients on one hardware platform without any mutual interference. The administration is based on the proven multi-layer principle for each PBX. So the administration of every PBX entity can be divided in general administration and user management. If needed, the user management can even be done by the customer himself. Several billing schemes can be implemented with the Call Detail Records (CDR) of the PBX entities. With a suitable software theses data can be processed and sent to the clients separately.


innovaphone IP-PBX  - VoIP PBX
IP0010  - VoIP PBX platform
IP1060  - Voice over IP media gateway
IP110  - Affordable IP phone
IP1202  - VoIP DECT gateway
IP150  - Robust VoIP phone
IP22-24-28  - IP terminal adapter for analogue devices
IP222  - Voice over IP design phone with color display
IP232  - Voice over IP design phone with touchscreen
IP302  - ISDN VoIP gateway, terminal adapter and PBX
IP305  - ISDN VoIP gateway for up to 4 calls
IP6010  - VoIP gateway and PBX with 2 PRI
IP61-63  - DECT Handset for the innovaphone IP-PBX
IP62  - WLAN phone
IP810  - BRI Voice over IP platform
IPVA  - innovaphone VoIP PBX as a VMWare appliance