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Softswitch as a platform for Next Generation VoIP Services

The sip:provider is a SIP based Open Source Class5 VoIP soft-switch platform providing rich telephony services. It offers a wide range of features to end users (encrypted voice/video calls, presence, instant messaging, buddy lists, call forwards, voicemail, conferencing, call blocking, click-to-dial, call-lists showing near-realtime accounting information etc.), which can be configured by them using the customer-self-care web interface. For operators, it offers a fully web-based administrative panel, allowing them to configure users, peerings, billing profiles etc., as well as viewing real-time statistics of the system. For tight integration into existing infrastructures, it provides SOAP and XMLRPC APIs.
Sample application:
  1. Softswitch
Features sip:provider:
  • Subscriber Features
    • Customer Self Care (Web Interface, Vertical Service Codes)
    • Call Forwarding (unconditional, busy, not available, timeout)
    • Call Forward Targets (to number, SIP URI, voicebox, conference room)
    • Call Blocking (inbound, outbound, anonymous call rejection, black-lists, white-lists, matching patterns)
    • Class of Service (outbound call restrictions based on service class)
    • Reminder Calls
    • Speed Dial
    • Voice to Mail, IVR Voicebox
    • Click-to-Dial
    • Presence, Chat and File-Transfer via XMPP
    • Voice/Video Telephoney
    • Multiparty Conferencing
    • Full WebRTC Support for Chrome and Firefox
    • IP over Websockets     
    • SRTP Transcoding
  • Operator Features
    • System Statistics (Status Graphs)
    • Administrative Override (call blocking, Class of Service)
    • Subscriber Locking (inbound, outbound, off-net)
    • Peering Configurations (LCR, weight, fail-over)
    • Individual Billing Plans
  • OSS/BSS Integration
    • SOAP Interfaces
    • XMLRPC Interfaces
    • Billing Exports
  • Language Support       
    • English
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Italian
    • Russian


Sample application:


Session Border Controller