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VoIP Enterprise Solutions

Corporate VoIP solutions

Sample solutions from home offices to VoIP telephone systems

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1. Connecting VoIP systems to a SIP trunk
2. Gradual migration to a VoIP-only solution
3. Flexible individual workstations via IP
4. Connecting small sites to the head office
5. Site connectivity with multiple IP telephone systems
6. Combining H.323 and SIP
7. Networking conventional telephone systems

There are many options for using Voice over IP (VoIP). These examples are intended to show the wide range of applications and also provide a guide for migrating from conventional telephony to VoIP. Flexible structures can be created with a VoIP-based telephone system, as the following applications demonstrate.

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1. Connecting VoIP systems to a SIP trunk

Connecting a VoIP-PBX or Microsoft Lync to a SIP trunk can be very complicated. In order to compensate protocol differences and to transmit all the features many and complex adaptitions may be necessary. With anynode this can be done quickly and easily - by intuitive wizards and templates. Security is taken into consideration by the integrated Session Border Controller and encryption.

2. Gradual migration to a VoIP-only solution
Gradual migration to a VoIP-only solution

It is not always feasible or appropriate to switch over to a VoIP-only system immediately. However, you can still take advantage of the benefits of the technology by simply connecting the VoIP system between the existing telephone system and the telephone network, and then only accepting a portion of the subscribers or functions. This combines the best of both worlds, and you can complete the migration at any time. You are no longer investing in the existing solution – which will, after all, be replaced in the long term – only in the new VoIP solution that contains all the necessary components. Configuration costs for the existing solution are minimal or non-existent, as all new features will be installed in the VoIP system.

3. Flexible individual workstations via IP
Flexible individual workstations via IP

VoIP offers a cost-effective solution when connecting individual workstations to the head office via IP: the IP telephone. All the features of the VoIP telephone system are therefore widely available.

Home offices can also be done differently thanks to the innovaphone PBX. The user still utilises their private telephone and can connect to this telephone in the head office via the PBX thanks to the free Web-based CTI (myPBX). There are no additional costs for the user. This of course also works with a mobile device.


4. Connecting small sites to the head office
Connecting small sites to the head office

Various options for connecting branch offices to the head office can be implemented with the flexible innovaphone solution. Telephones can connect directly to the central system and use all the features of the central telephone system.

5. Site connectivity with multiple IP telephone systems
Site connectivity with multiple IP telephone systems

In addition to directly connecting IP telephones to the central telephone system, you could also use a subsystem (‘slave’). In the event of the connection to the central system being lost, this system can autonomously continue operating, and a backup to the office is also possible. The configuration of the slave systems is done by the master system, making it quick and easy for the administrator.

6. Combining H.323 and SIP
Combining H.323 and SIP

Along with the tried-and-tested H.323 systems, SIP-based VoIP systems are becoming ever more interesting. H.323 can do great things in telephone systems with a significantly larger set of features, but two key advantages speak for SIP telephony: firstly, very inexpensive devices are available, and secondly, SIP providers offer Internet telephony services. Our systems combine the benefits of both protocols, as innovaphone is the only manufacturer to support them in all of their products (PBX, telephones, etc.).

Both H.323 and SIP devices can be used, and calls between these devices are possible in compliance with standards. SIP and SIP trunks can also be used in addition to ISDN as a connection to the outside world.

7. Networking conventional telephone systems
Networking conventional telephone systems

Relocating telephone traffic from leased lines to existing powerful IP connections has great potential for savings. VoIP systems are particularly suitable for point-to-multipoint applications and migration scenarios. They can also transmit or even evaluate protocols like QSIC or Cornet and make ideal use of WAN connections by using suitable codecs. In addition, with TDM over IP, a low-cost version is now available that brings completely transparent S2M or S0 interfaces via IP networks.


innovaphone IP-PBX - VoIP PBX
IP0011 - VoIP PBX platform
IP1160 - Voice over IP media gateway
IP111 - Basic IP phone
IP112 - Business IP phone
IP1202 - VoIP DECT gateway
IP150-151 - Robust VoIP phone
IP22-24-29 - IP terminal adapter for analogue devices
IP222 - Voice over IP design phone with color display
I-232 - Voice over IP design phone with touchscreen
IP3011 - VoIP gateway and PBX with PRI port
IP311 - ISDN VoIP gateway, terminal adapter and PBX
IP411 - ISDN VoIP gateway for up to 4 calls, ISDN adapter and PBX platform
IP38 - VoIP Gateway for up to eight FXO ports
IP6010 - VoIP gateway and PBX with 2 PRI ports
IP61-63 - DECT handset for the innovaphone IP-PBX
IP62 - WLAN phone
IP811 - S0 Voice over IP platform
IPmux-1E - TDMoIP gateway for 4 analogue ports or 4 BRI
IPmux-216 - TDMoIP gateway for up to 16 PRI
IPmux-2L - TDMoIP gateway with 2 PRI and one serial Port
IPVA - innovaphone VoIP PBX as VMWare appliance