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Unified Workplace

Developments and challenges

  • Globalization, digitalization, flexibilization.
  • Climate, environment, resources.
  • Productivity and efficiency are not a matter of location.
  • Investments and performance versus cost pressure and competition.
  • A technology advantage pays off.

“Dear Skype for Business customer,

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that hackers have succeeded in generating high call fees at the expense of hacked customers by placing outside calls to premium rate numbers and international numbers in Skype for Business meetings. In addition, a hacker can also use this method to place calls in the name of and under the telephone number of the meeting organizer or add participants without this being apparent to the meeting organizer. It is therefore necessary that you inspect the system or have it inspected. We recommend, if necessary, that countermeasures be taken or initiated.” 

For more information, please click HERE. (Link to PDF)


The Skype for Business system can be configured such that “anonymous” users and “federated ” users can participate in a Skype for Business meeting and receive the status “Presenter”.

In a meeting, presenters can add additional conference participants virtually without restrictions. External participants can be added by means of an outgoing call (if your system has a connection to the public telephone network). This results in charges to your exchange lines.

A participant can obtain the presenter status as follows:

· The meeting policy of the Skype for Business system is configured such that everyone is a presenter. In other words, this option is set by default in all planned meetings.

· The user himself sets the meeting options in the Outlook plug-in such that everyone is a presenter. In this case, the option is also set for the meeting, regardless of the system-wide setting, since this is only a default option.

· An ad hoc meeting is held. In this case, every participant is automatically a presenter, regardless of the settings in the Skype for Business system.

For planned meetings, the status remains active for at least 365 days after the end of the last meeting (in many configurations even longer). For ad hoc meetings, the status remains active for 8 hours from the time of the last call.

This means that not only are current or planned meetings affected, past meetings are as well.

Kapsch solutions: Future security from a single source

Presentations that people talk about. Teams that amaze. Conferences that don't require travel. Communication that makes everything easier. Unified Workplace from Kapsch. Networked and mobile, efficient and productive.


The basis for efficient and productive communication. With Kapsch, this basis becomes a future-proof, integrated and integrative platform: The newest technologies, exciting, value-enhancing applications and flexible expansions. Analysis, consulting, planning, design, implementation, rollout, training, support, operational management.

Phone calls, video and audio conferences in HD, presence and instant messaging, unified messaging and mobility, and all this through a single client with a consistent user interface. OneNote notes, Office applications, meetings via web app and much more.

Video conferencing solutions from Kapsch are richly communicative, interactive audio-video solutions. Crystal clarity in HD, true to life with telepresence, highly productive with web integration and desktop collaboration. Including all necessary media technology. You will never want to leave again.

Benefits and advantages

  • Global work and communication.
  • Improved teamwork: regardless of time, location or device.
  • Greater employee satisfaction, increased productivity.
  • Reduction of travel costs, conservation of resources.
  • Secure investments for a secure future: scalability and flexibility.
  • Product, system and technology competence.
  • Close partnership with globally leading technology partners.
  • Extensive certifications.