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For railway operators, multiple network management and monitoring systems for different network layers increases complexity, workloads and costs. It can also be slower and more difficult to identify faults across the network, increasing the risk of unplanned downtime.

To ensure that our clients’ mission-critical railway communications are always available, Kapsch CarrierCom provides a range of network management and monitoring tools. These are seamlessly integrated with all the other elements of our railway communications solution portfolio, including RDN.core, RDN.access and RDN.transmission solutions, providing a single management interface for the entire communications network.

Our management tools offer a broad range of functionality, from network, fault and security management, to configuration management and accounting. In addition, our industry leading provisioning tool allows administrators to provision Group Call Areas, Location Dependent Addressing and subscribers – all from a single platform.

Many of our management tools, including our OAM tools, are now available in the cloud. Operators that choose cloud-based options can reduce their infrastructure and support costs, increase server utilisation and simplify network management and configuration.

If operators have already purchased third-party management systems, these can be integrated easily into our cloud-based ‘Converged OAM platform’ to increase returns on investment.

Key benefits of tools include:


Simple and intuitive
All elements of the railway network can be managed from a centralised, highly-intuitive interface.


Our management tools can be hosted in operators’ data centres or in our private cloud platform.


Real-time alerts ensure that NOC staff react as quickly as possible to network faults, minimising the risk of unplanned network downtime.


Kapsch CarrierCom management tools integrate seamlessly with our entire GSM-R portfolio, reducing deployment times and costs.


Cost efficient
Our cloud-based solutions increase server utilisation, lower hardware and support costs and reduce the need for specialist consultants, delivering significant cost savings over time.



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