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Enhancing operations and lowering operational costs depends on access infrastructure that is reliable, efficient and able to support the next-generation of all-IP network elements.

To meet the specific access needs of railway operators, Kapsch CarrierCom has created our next-generation RDN.access portfolio, which is fully integrated with our RDN.core, RDN.transmission solutions and our tools.

The highlight of our RDN.access portfolio is our RDN.base station. With its modular design, the RDN.base station comprises Digital Modules (DMs) which can be connected to up to six Remote Radio Head (RRH) units via optical links. One RDN.base station can replace up to six last-generation base stations and cover up to 60 kilometers of track, reducing hardware requirements by around 80%, and simplifying maintenance and support.

With native support for both TDM and IP traffic, our RDN.access solution helps railway operators protect their existing infrastructure investments and embrace new technologies such as LTE when the time is right. As an additional benefit, our RDN.base station offers fully redundant components and optical connections, providing 99.9995% availability for mission-critical communications.

Key benefits of RDN.access include:


Our RDN.access solution helps railway operators to minimise the size and complexity of their access networks, delivering significant infrastructure, operational and support savings.


Future proof
RDN.base station is fully IP-ready, enabling operators to deploy emerging technologies quickly and cost-effectively, with minimal network impact.


Low impact
The solution can be deployed quickly and simply, offering a light, compact format and the same interfaces as our legacy base stations.


ERTMS grade
The solution complies with ERTMS availability requirements, offering fully redundant components and optical connections.


Highly flexible
Our RDN.base station can be deployed both indoors and outdoors and in difficult terrain. Digital Modules (DMs) and Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) can be located in the same rack or deployed in remote configurations as needed.




Proven and trusted
Kapsch CarrierCom is delivering and managing RDN.access network infrastructure for 14 railway operators around the world, the newest generation currently deployed in the Hungarian railway network (900 km of track) and the Slovenian rail network (1,200km of track).






send_mail_line_icon_100x82.png Support for ETCS over GPRS RDN.access is engineered to support ETCS Level 2 over GPRS.
Once the standards for the new bearer are finalized, railway operators using our RDN.base stations will be able to adopt ETCS over GPRS quickly, at low cost, and with no significant changes to their existing network infrastructure.