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White paper: NFV - Insight from a systems integrator

NFV is capable of reducing operational costs by delivering a simpler, centralised infrastructure and service management capabilities, as well as enabling a faster time to market for new, revenue-generating services.

NFV Infographics: Embracing NFV for new competitive advantage

This infographics on NFV evolution so far also discusses several suggestions on where to start with your NFV projects.

Welcome to the era of virtualization. Meet your right-sized & independent Systems Integrator. With 30+ years specialization in telecoms segment, we are now the best partner for your NFV projects to translate complex telecom  requirements into IT language.

Our rich networking heritage and continuous innovation enables us to navigate complexity brought by SDN/NFV, Security Solutions or Customer Experience Management with ease and help us speed time to market, optimize network performance, and minimize deployment cost and risk. Carriers still have to answer decline in revenues to stay competitive. Virtualization not only offers answers, but also brings new business models and services.  With this, we would like to welcome you to the era of agility, openness and collaboration.

Benefits of our virtualisation solution:


Holistic virtualization approach with the aim of future-proofing your network
Start future-proofing your network by deploying NFV on your existing network infrastructure to maximise the value of previous technology investments. Start with the use cases like EPC migration to vEPC, SDN service chaining, merging of the IMS and softswitch or service classifier and vSBC to speed up your journey to virtualisation.


Reduce the complexity of your multivendor projects even if introducing more and more applications from different vendors
By partnering with an independent systems integrator as a one-stop-shop for all your virtualization projects even if introducing more and more parties to your projects, you will benefit from reduced complexity by having a single point of contact. Additionally, we are offering pre-packaged solutions, that can be further customized that additionally saves time to market.


Fully agile virtualization solutions
With eradicating fragmentation from your software and infrastructure portfolio introduce the new, revenue generating services faster. Know where to look for critical dependencies and trial the new services and business models with minimum disruption.


Get only the best-of-breed virtualized solutions
Start right with your virtualization efforts. If not tackled properly, you can end up with having old approaches reintroduced under new makeup without harvesting the expected benefits. To bypass this, we are testing our multivendor solutions in our state-of-the-art lab.



Deep systems integration specialist skillset & capabilities
You’ll need a skilled systems integration specialist to tackle your NFV projects to avoid a situation where each OpenStack application needs its own cloud and you literally end up in virtual silos.




Customer proximity
We have been with carriers through all generations of networks and know exactly what needs to be tackled first. We are also present in 23 countries across Europe, so our local experts speak your language.



End-to-end security specialist for your NFV deployments
For virtual deployments, it’s important to have skilled, specialized SI who understands security across the whole network and can design customized & phased security approach.




Minimised deployment costs and risk
Reduce risks associated with network deployments and changes by testing equipment, applications and devices in our state-of-art lab.  This is especially suitable for multivendor integration testing.



Get the real-time view of your network
Pairing our CEM approach and virtualization, you can respond elastically to the network resources demands based on gathered geo-intelligent data.   




24/7 Customer support and lifecycle management
We stay with you for the whole project  lifecycle to support you.


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