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Welcome to our bold mission to guide you towards customer-centric network. This shift from technology-centric towards customer-centric network is certain. Legacy networks do not answer challenges that carriers are facing to stay competitive. Today, users are savvier than ever before and interact through an abundance of online channels. Each of them offers a different journey for customers and all of them need to be optimized.

By introducing a new generation of network management solutions, carriers can satisfy the ever growing demand for traffic and constant network availability, and they can regain control of runaway applications that are encrypted. This is an immediate need and of vital importance to preserve the quality of experience for all users. It has never been easier to gather, store and analyze big volume of data previously stuck in silos and this information can be now used to fill in knowledge black-spots. Based on this you can reallocate the resources or scale elastically to answer the network demands. Customer Experience Management (CEM) is becoming an increasingly important differentiator and is a vital element of the success for carriers.

Benefits of our CEM solution that will guide you towards customer-centric network:


Get the unified & real-time view on your network, from one end to another
Do not lose your customers on a broken customer journey when you can easily unify the real-time view on your network and optimize your network resources based on findings. This can further delay capital investment injection into your network.


Reduce total cost of

Through systems standardization, consolidation and modernization operators can highly benefit from a reduced total cost of ownership. By removing silos you can unlock new synergistic effects. By correlating data you can get a more insightful perspective on customer journey and behavior.


Identifying and preventing customer churn
Real-time and deep-insight  view on your subscriber’s behavior will bring you a deeper understanding of needs and behaviors of specific target customers groups. This will unleash a higher quality in customer experience.


Create new revenue streams via monetization
Unlock the power of location intelligence and create new revenue streams. Market the highly relevant, value added rich data to geo-marketing and data monetization applications.



Bring the peak performance to your network and reduce CAPEX & OPEX
operational expenditure by introducing a new generation of network optimization and management solutions. Dynamic and automated optimization based on real-time demands for resources paired with our virtualisation solutions will future-proof your network and bring improved network performance, availability and  reliability, while reducing CAPEX & OPEX.




Minimised deployment costs and risk
Reduce risks associated with network deployments and changes by testing equipment, applications and devices in our state-of-the-art lab. This is especially suitable for multivendor integration testing.
Learn how you can benefit by tackling your projects in our state-of-the-art lab.



Maintain network agility & quality
Stay agile and introduce new services easier despite increasing network size and complexity. Improve the utilization of the resources inside your network in real-time and in exact locations using our powerful analysis capabilities for mining data in many dimensions.




Reduce/eliminate routine and reactive drive testing
Move away from reactive patterns like drive-testing. Know exactly what is happening inside your network in real-time, based on customer behaviour and location. Based on this data you can predict and optimize needed resources in your network. 



Making the online experience safe and fit for all your users
Network-based parental control and anti-malware services will enable you to block content that is unfit for children, while ensuring maximum protection and avoiding over-blocking. This can also help in increasing customer loyalty.




24/7 customer support and lifecycle management
We stay with you for the whole project  lifecycle to support you.


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