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Intermodal Transport Control Systems

Kapsch CarrierCom's solutions are built on Mobiguider which is an open system platform, integrating Ticketing, Intermodal Transport Control Systems (ITCS) and Real-Time Passenger (RTPI) functionalities in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that gives it full flexibility for customer-specific configuration and for adaptations to future needs.

Mobiguider ITCS is the Intermodal Transport Control Systems module that takes care of vehicle tracking and tracing, driver guidance, itinerary information and dispatching requirements in public transport:


Using the monitoring component of Mobiguider, system engineers have an overview of all their ITCS and ticketing equipment that is deployed. They can easily consult the current operational state and other equipment information such as the software version, the data file version, and many more parameters. With this tool the IT infrastructure and software services are continuously monitored allowing the system engineers to react at the first glimpse of trouble.


Public transport companies have an accountability regarding their fulfilment of transportation contracts, which means that their services are screened for quality and efficiency and then subsidised accordingly.

The reporting and analysis component of Mobiguider is the tool for performance data analysis and schedule improvements. Vehicle log files are compared with the planned timetable data. The output of this process, called trip recognition, shows the effectiveness of the services rendered and helps to locate potential problems. This feature helps to optimise your timetables.

Data management

Each day public transport companies generate a vast amount of fare data. Actual data is compared with planned timetable data. Vehicle moves are continuously recorded and stored for analysis.

The heart of Mobiguider consists of one central database. With its open architecture, Mobiguider enables easy adaptations and guarantees reliable information exchange between different software components. With this holistic appoach you are not bound to any pre-set implementation set-up, but you will be provided with a completely tailored solution. Also, there are various import and export functionalities available.


Using the User Management and Authentication of Mobiguider it becomes easy to manage users, their corresponding roles and privileges on the various applications. The overall authentication of the technical services can also be managed using this tool. Mobiguider makes use of state-of-the-art network security technology to protect your critical business data.

Operations control

All traffic and trip information from the entire fleet is monitored at the Mobiguider traffic control centre.
The traffic control operator is always aware of the latest position of the vehicles and is constantly in contact with the drivers. Incidents reported by the drivers are entered into the system and immediate actions can be taken.

Open interfaces

Standard interfaces such as TMI (TransModel Interface) and SIRI (Standard Interface for Real-time Information) are supported thanks to a software that interacts with the central database. This eases information exchange, such as timetable information, current vehicle position, text messages to passengers, unplanned timetable changes or departure information to third party systems.

Externally managed data can be easily integrated into Mobiguider from planning and scheduling tools such as Hastus, Microbus, Trapeze or Perdis.


Ecodrive systems measure the driver behaviour.

These Ecodrive systems interface with the CANbus of modern vehicles providing information about fuel consumption, the clutch and the accelerator pedal position, speed and acceleration and other engine related data as well as the service performance of brakes.
These measurements are then presented in Ecodrive reports that can be customized to fit your needs regarding:
  • Eco-Proactive motoring performance
  • Sustainable safety on public highways
  • Sustainable safety on secured sites
  • Manoeuvres

These reports present and interpret the driving behaviour and competencies of any driver in an objective and accurate manner. The ultimate goal is to give feedback to the driver and improve his or her behaviour through specific training. Mobiguider is an open system capable of integrating different Ecodrive systems available on the market.

Driver assistance

The board computer and driver console with its touch screen are an excellent team to assist the driver in the daily routine. With a single logon procedure the driver has access to all ITCS and ticketing functionalities.

From an ITCS perspective the driver is guided through the day when accessing the vehicle planning schedule and is continuously informed of the trip punctuality. Other ITCS functionalities include automatic stop and off-route detection, sending and receiving text messages as well as voice calls to or from the traffic control centre and a status overview of all connected devices. Another important function is the emergency button which, when pressed, immediately yet discretely opens a communication channel with the traffic control centre while highlighting the vehicle on a map and triggering the surveillance devices and software to bookmark the event.

From a ticketing perspective the driver is informed about the fare payment status by passengers and can carry out ticketing sales, such as paper tickets, booking products on contactless smart cards among others.

Vehicle control

The board computer, the heart of the vehicle system, is the main control unit. Apart from continuously communicating its current GPS location to the central system it runs the application assisting the driver in his daily routine. This means it monitors and controls all the on-board equipment. The board computer handles traffic light priority signals, audio and visual equipments, such as stop announcement systems, displays and infotainment screens. Surveillance equipment and a variety of communication technologies (WiFi, UMTS, GPRS, etc.) may also be connected to the board computer, which makes it the ultimate communication gateway.

Tracking & punctuality

Keeping track of the fleet and each vehicle position is important for all public transport operators. Using the vehicle track and trace function of Mobiguider, the traffic control operators have an interactive map at their disposal that shows all vehicle positions. This function also allows you to choose a line view. Selecting a vehicle brings up the vehicle information such as driver name, current line and trip, destination and more. An interactive user interface makes it easy to send text messages to the driver consoles, passenger displays and station displays and to establish voice calls with the drivers. Pushing the vehicle’s emergency button switches the map focus to the vehicle in distress and highlights it.

Vehicles on the map are coloured differently according to their punctuality, i.e. early, on time or late. More details on the punctuality are shown when selecting the vehicle.


Our Intermodal Transport Control Systems equipment

Explore the large variety of our Intermodal Transport Control Systems equipment that is easy to integrate and customiseable to fit the requirements and size of your fleet.

Driver Consoles

The DMT2000 is a very reliable driver console, featuring a large colour display.
> More information.

The DC800 is a high performance driver consoles featuring a large colour display and a contactless smart card processor. The DC800 can act as a stand alone device or it can be connected to external systems and devices.
> More information.

Board Computers

The BC800-series board computers are high performance devices suitable for installation in vehicles. Being the central unit, the BC800-series device smoothly manages the various vehicle subsystems that are connected to it.
> More information.

The C750 communication module is a high performance device suitable for installation in vehicles.
> More information.


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