Selected Kapsch CarrierCom projects


GSM-R network and complete migration to 3GPP release 4 technology for DB.


GSM-R implementation and 3GPP release 4 technology for Austrian Federal Railways (OEBB).


Exclusive GSM-R supplier for the French Railway organization Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) based on the choice of the PPP Synerail.


GSM-R supply and maintenance contract for Santiago-Ourense high speed line.


Exclusive GSM-R supplier for one of the first GSM-R projects in North Africa, including all site infrastructure and transmission networks.

South-East Europe

System integrator for Telekom Austria, delivering the entire spectrum of solutions for mobile operators, such as 3GPP release 4 technology and the Service Delivery Platform (NGIN), used across all group members.

Saudi Arabia

Delivery of Fraud and Credit Management solutions to Saudi Telecom Company (STC).

France and Taiwan

Supplier to 93% for Bouygues Telecom in France and to 100% Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan for GSM/GPRS/EDGE access products.