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Press Release


Kapsch TrafficCom presents solutions for smart roads at the IBTTA International Summit

Rome, October 16, 2017 – Kapsch TrafficCom will participate at this year´s IBTTA International Summit in Rome from 15 to 17 October. Kapsch experts will discuss the benefits of multi-lane free-flow systems. They will focus on smoother traffic flow, mitigation of environmental impacts and reduction of operative costs. They will also consider an innovative solution for speed control that dramatically diminishes the number of accidents.

 A key highlight will be the company’s multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) tolling solution. This allows the application of flexible fees adapted to the specific time of day, which achieves a more efficient implementation and lower operational costs for operators. Driver journeys will become more convenient through the integration of smartphones in MLFF tolling systems. This will offer mobile tolling services, therefore making driver journeys more convenient. The corresponding app offers additional services ranging from traffic congestion warnings, multi-modal routing or traffic-related payments to individualized services for toll road users.

Another highlight at IBTTA will be an on-board unit rental service covering most of the European motorways, thereby paving the way for the European Electronic Tolling Services. Based on this service, Kapsch will strengthen its position as an international Toll Service Provider.

In addition to these two major presentations, will be three more solutions for improving safety, security and mobility, such as the V2X (vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure). Based on so-called cooperative communication systems, vehicles and infrastructure systems are interconnected with each other. Vehicles can warn each other about accidents, breakdowns or bad weather and can send this additional data to traffic management centres which implement traffic control measures such as dynamically regulated speed limits.

WIM (Weigh-in-Motion) provides operators with a solution to control overloaded vehicles at full speed without any disruption in traffic flow. Kapsch Sicura, a section speed control system that monitors the average speed, helps to increase road safety and reduce the number of accidents.

Finally IMS (Integrated mobility services) allows cities, mobility service providers such as public transport-, MaaS- (Mobility-as-a-Service)* or tolling operators to offer optimized mobility packages.

In Italy, Kapsch is a leader in the limited traffic zones access management and installed urban access management systems in over 50 cities including Rome, Naples, Turin and Bologna. Globally, Kapsch is well positioned in the ITS market. Its proprietary solutions are successfully used in Australia, Austria, Belarus, Chile, Czech Republic, Poland and the United States. Owing to its expertise and leadership in various smart mobility sectors, both urban and extra-urban, Kapsch is well positioned to help road operators and city administrators manage traffic and mobility with the most recent technological innovations.

* MaaS: With pre-integrated transport services from more than 14 cities and regions visitors can experience MaaS and plan trips, book transport services and discover the easy to use MaaS app.

Kapsch TrafficCom is a supplier of Intelligent Transport Systems applied to toll collection, traffic management, intelligent urban mobility, safety as well as traffic protection and connected vehicles. As a unique solutions supplier, Kapsch TrafficCom offers complete solutions covering the entire supply chain of its customers, from components and design, to system implementation and commissioning. In addition to reducing contamination, the Kapsch TrafficCom mobility solutions turn traffic safer, more reliable and comfortable in any urban street or highway.

Kapsch TrafficCom is a recognised international supplier of intelligent transport systems thanks to the many successfully completed projects in over 50 countries worldwide. The family company, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, celebrated this year 2017, 125 years of success developing and implementing new technologies to help its customers. As part of the Kapsch Group, Kapsch TrafficCom has affiliates and branches in over 30 countries. Since 2007, the company is listed in the Vienna Stock Exchange (KTCG). Today, Kapsch TrafficCom employs over 4,800 employees. The turnover of the company in fiscal year 2016/17 was approximately 648.5 million Euros.


Press contact:

Alf Netek
Chief Marketing Officer & Press Officer
Kapsch Aktiengesellschaft
Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria
P +43 50 811 1700
Alexandra Vieh
Head of Marketing and PR, Global
Kapsch TrafficCom AG
Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria
P +43 50811 1728

Investor contact:

Hans Lang
Investor Relations Officer
Kapsch TrafficCom AG
Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria
P +43 50 811 1122