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Professional investor relations have a high priority at Kapsch TrafficCom. The investor relations department reports directly to the CEO, but its work is also integrated closely with the head of finance and administration. The goal of investor relations activities at Kapsch TrafficCom is to provide a comprehensive view of the company, thereby facilitating an appropriate valuation of the Kapsch TrafficCom share.

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Annual report 2015/16:
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Annual financial statements 2015/16:

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First three quarters 2016/17:
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Investor Presentation:
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1st Institutional Investors‘ Day:
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Sustainability report:
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The Shares:
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Annual report:
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Kapsch TrafficCom AG has been added to the register
of the United Nations Global Compact participants www.unglobalcompact.org.

Kapsch TrafficCom AG shares are listed
in the VĂ–NIX sustainability index.
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