With tools for daily operations, such as for example tracking vehicles in real time, operators can optimise their services and minimise the impact of unplanned service disruptions by reacting to unplanned events in the network as quickly and easily as possible.

One way to achieve this is to deploy mobi.operations from Kapsch CarrierCom. This comprehensive service management platform supports real-time dispatching, vehicle tracking, driver information and communication, itinerary information, detour planning and connection management.

Key benefits of mobi.operations include:


Enhanced customer experience
Minimise delays for passengers with intuitive tools for real-time dispatching and detour management. Native integration with also empowers operators to deliver accurate information on service changes, delays and connection updates to passengers in real time.


More business insight
Operators can use data analytics features in mobi.operations to gain new insight into punctuality, ridership figures vs. targets and more, helping them make smart, evidence-based decisions. Standard interfaces allow for easy integration of third party systems, such as emergency button, traffic signal priority systems, CCTV, or automated passenger counter. 


Improved short-term planning and staff productivity
with efficient, intuitive tools for implementing short-term changes to schedules and routes.


Streamlined operations
based on an accurate, real-time view of service disruptions and robust voice or message communications between dispatchers and drivers.



Simple service monitoring
with views of services in the GUI that can be tailored to be based on timetable, specific lines or the network map.




Suitable for all types of operators
Solutions can be easily scaled to meet the needs of small or large, urban or regional public transport operators.



Lower TCO
Operators can reduce CapEx and OpEx spending with ITCS, RTPI and AFC functionality delivered on a single, cost-effective hardware and software platform or in the cloud.