Public Transport

Kapsch CarrierCom makes public transport smart.

As a result of the urbanization trend, public transport is becoming increasingly important. Transporting growing numbers of city passengers quickly, safely, and cost effectively requires careful planning and demands operational excellence.

With our broad portfolio of solutions for transportation companies all over the world, we provide passengers with greater comfort and improve efficiency and safety in operation.

Multimodal Transport Solutions.
Kapsch CarrierCom's portfolio from a functional perspective.

Planning & Scheduling

- Service planning
- Vehicle scheduling
- Resource scheduling

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Operations & Fleet Management

- Automatic Vehicle Location
- Computer Aided Dispatch
- Fleet management
- Traffic Signal Priority
- Automatic Passenger Counting
- Yard Management
- Video surveillance
- Reporting / Business Intelligence

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- Multi-mediafare validation (NFC, EMV, CSC, QR code)
- Fare configuration and management
- Fare evasion management
- Sales management
- Customer service management
- Security management
- Transactions processing
- Reporting / Business Intelligence
- Clearing and settlement

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Passenger Information

- On-board information solutions
- Station/terminal/stop information systems
- Infotainment solutions
- Content management
- Mobile/Web solutions

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Operational Efficiency

- Energy management (ECO-driving, HVAC)
- Enhance wheels mileage
- Flats and Ripple Detection
- Enhanced maintenance efficiency
- Holistic vehicle status in real-time
- Device monitoring
- Detailed analysis (energy, fleet-utilization, report danger zones)
- Quality assurance (MTBF, MDBF, automated controlling service contracts)

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Communications Network

- System integration
- Tetra/DMR infrastructure and terminals
- Cab radios
- Dispatcher solutions
- Voice and Data Logging
- RF planning and design
- Operation & maintenance
- Training
- Civil Works and transmission
- Applications

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