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Digital Facility Solutions

Developments and challenges

  • Everything is going digital, even buildings and technical building infrastructure.
  • Protection and security for assets and data are increasingly critical factors.
  • Energy efficiency, climate neutral impact, resource conservation.
  • Ever-stricter statutory regulations and requirements.
  • Minimization of corporate risks.
  • Increased user and employee expectations, customer wishes.

Kapsch solutions: Future security from a single source

Intelligent buildings may not do our thinking for us, but there are still plenty of other things they can do. Managing light, energy and security, for example. Everything digital, and don't forget smart.


Big data feels perfectly at home in a Kapsch data center. They are built to last forever. With room for enormous volumes of data. Flexible. Redundant. Perfectly climate-controlled. Impregnable to cybercriminals. Re-engineering of existing data centers. Complete solutions for data centers.

Video systems for numerous applications and tasks. Surveillance of buildings and security-relevant areas for protection against break-in, vandalism, theft and fraud as well as for monitoring and analysis of specific processes and procedures. From a single camera to hundreds: Everything is integrated into a highly efficient security and surveillance system. Easy to use. Flexibly expandable. A solid investment.

Effectively protect entire buildings, defined areas, sensitive rooms and data. Every access and access attempt is also recorded and documented. 24 hours per day. 365 days per year. For instance with biometric readers and integrated control panels.

State-of-the-art protection and control: With digital control panel solutions from Kapsch. Mobile devices can be efficiently integrated. Everything is scalable and flexibly configurable. One monitor? Or an entire wall? Anything is possible, all professionally designed and implemented by Kapsch experts.

Schutz und Kontrolle neuester Stand: Mit digitalen Leitstandlösungen von Kapsch. Mobile Endgeräte werden effizient integriert. Alles ist skalierbar und flexibel zu konfigurieren. Ein Monitor? Oder eine ganze Wall? Alles ist möglich, professionell konzipiert und umgesetzt von den Kapsch Experten.

Kapsch is also expert in all things multimedia. Digital signage, infotainment, media technology. Electronic displays for indoors and outdoors. High-performance content management software. Efficient networking of digital information and multimedia systems. Data and video projection. Modern audio solutions. With the newest technologies and smart applications. For all uses – and for satisfied customers.

Site performance. Space optimization. Customer monitoring. Marketing effectiveness. With ultra-modern solutions from Kapsch, you can measure turn-in rates, create heat maps, connect traffic data with sales data, analyze dwell times and identify cold spots. And this is all great for the business of Kapsch customers.

Transform a conventional building into a smart building: With intelligent lighting, a fine-grained sensor network, optimal space utilization, indoor locating service, parking management, energy management, security concepts, visitor management in real-time, intelligent furnishings, long-range mobile radio.

Benefits and advantages

  • Holistic approach.
  • High failure safety and availability.
  • Certified solutions.
  • Compliance with all standards and requirements.
  • Scalability and flexibility.
  • Flexible financing models.
  • State-of-the-art technology.
  • Secure investments for a secure future.