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Press release

2017 Kapsch Award winners
2017 Kapsch Award winners Photo rights: © FH Technikum Wien – Johannes Brunnbauer

Ten years of Kapsch Award for best master’s theses at FH Technikum Wien

Vienna, November 10, 2017 – For the tenth year in a row, the Kapsch Group has presented the Kapsch Award for the best master’s theses of the past year at FH Technikum Wien (Vienna University of Applied Sciences).

Theses were submitted in 19 subjects in which master’s programs are offered at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences, including Information Management and IT Security, Health and Rehabilitation Technology, Telecommunications and Internet Technologies, and Software Engineering. The winners were very pleased with the prize money of EUR 2,000 for each winning contestant. In order to be considered for the award, they had to fulfill strict criteria consisting of writing an excellent master’s thesis, completing their final year of study and the final examination with honors, and finishing their program of study within the standard timeframe. Kari Kapsch, COO of the Kapsch Group and Fritz Schmöllebeck, rector of the Vienna University of Applied Sciences, congratulated the graduates on their outstanding achievements before the many assembled guests.

“Demand for well-educated engineers and technology experts is high. There are still too few graduates in this area. Our objective with the Kapsch Award is not only to pay tribute to outstanding achievements, but also to demonstrate that putting effort and enthusiasm into a particular field of study while attending university pays off and does not go unnoticed,” explains Kari Kapsch, COO of the Kapsch Group.

Gabriele Költringer, managing director of the Vienna University of Applied Sciences, about the award and the university’s cooperation with Kapsch: “The students won over our jury of experts with their first-class master’s theses and high-grade point averages. We are proud that the outstanding achievements of our young talents have been honored with the Kapsch Award. We would also like to thank our longstanding partner, who created this award with us ten years ago.”

2017 Kapsch Award winners

Name and degree earned

Title of thesis

Ing. Thomas Gerbafczits, MSc

Implementation of a Software-Based SDN Architecture for Automated Mitigation of DDoS Attacks

David Leitner, MSc

A Model for Measuring Maintainability Based on Source Code Characteristics

Alexander Marent, MSc

Parameternachführung für adaptive feldorientierte Regelung von Asynchronmaschinen in Fahrzeugantrieben

Caterine Schwab, MSc

Regelung der Laufbandgeschwindigkeit über ein 3D-Motion Capture System

Florian Gerstmayer, MSc

Embedded Security, Intellectual Property Protection for Embedded Systems Software

Denise Mandt, MSc

Laser-Based 3D Printing of Hydrogels for Microfluidic Applications

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