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Our History

The history and development of telecommunications and traffic telematics are inextricably linked with Kapsch. Kapsch is a success story made in Austria – a company which nurtures innovative thinking and behaviour as important assets from its inception until the present day.

Already in the early years, Kapsch pursued the newest technological developments, recognizing societal trends and quickly responding with market-oriented technical innovation for the benefit of its customers. Televisions, radios and batteries by Kapsch were soon in great demand, and even today are remembered fondly.

By focusing on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market and structuring the Kapsch Group in three autonomous business units Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Kapsch CarrierCom AG and Kapsch BusinessCom AG, we have placed significant cornerstones for a successful future. And, at the same time created a bridge to our past: we continue to offer our customers excellent and innovative solutions for their benefit – then and now the hallmark of Kapsch.

Our Milestones

Since its founding in 1892, Kapsch has been dedicated to its role as an innovator and technological pioneer. From the fabrication of the first portable radio and the spread of telephones throughout Austria to trend-setting tolling projects around the entire world: Kapsch has always been a decisive step ahead in terms of technical milestones in the areas of communication and mobility. Our aim has always been to economically and responsibly deploy technological developments in the interests of our customers. We recognize and appreciate technology as an instrument for opening up new possibilities and improving existing ones.

1892 - 1950

Johann Kapsch founds a precision workshop in Vienna and begins manufacturing Morse telegraph devices and telephones.

Kapsch begins producing capacitors.

Entry into radio manufacturing: the first Kapsch radio receiver with three-tube speaker technology leaves the factory. Kapsch becomes a co-founder of RAVAG, the Austrian company Radio Verkehrs AG, thereby ringing in the age of radio in Austria.

The revolutionary first television demonstration in Austria, with a complete transmission and reception system showcased in the Kapsch pavilion at the Vienna Trade Fair.

In cooperation with the Austrian Post, Kapsch plays a key role in the reconstruction of the telephone network after World War II.

Equipment of long-distance offices with switch system 48 – the first standardized, nation-wide, direct-dial system. In 1950, the first automatic exchange using switch system 48 comes into service in Eferding.

Kapsch establishes its first branch offices in Austria; begins production of portable radios. 

1951 - 1999

Televisions become commonplace household items. Kapsch brings the first black and white television to the Austrian market, the model TFS-56.

Capri, the first fully transistorized-portable radio is released.

The company develops a new, low-noise dialing disk for telephones that remains in use up to the 1980s.

Presentation of the first Kapsch color television: the “Chromamtik”.

Development of an OHS system for semi-electronic telephone exchange system operation.

Equipment of Austrian Federal Railways with cab radio technology.

Kapsch develops batteries with a nonleak guarantee.

The era of digitization begins; Kapsch starts developing and producing digital communications systems and plays a major role in bringing Austria into the digital telephony age.

The medium-range radar system Koralpe essential to aviation safety is built. 

Start of digital-telephony in Austria with Schrack.

Kapsch enters into the mobile telephony segment and equips the Austrian army and Austrian Railways with the first – back then still quite large – devices.

Kapsch establishes international subsidiaries and offices in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia and Croatia.

First telephone call in Austria using the new digital mobile network GSM. 

Kapsch equips trains of several European railways with radio communications systems. 

Kapsch equips trains of several European railways with radio communications systems. 

from 2000

Kapsch Group structures its activities into dedicated strategic units, establishing three autonomous organizations: Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Kapsch BusinessCom AG and Kapsch CarrierCom AG.

Kapsch implements the world’s largest comprehensive electronic truck toll system in Austria.

Kapsch implements and subsequently operates the electronic road user charging system for trucks in the Czech Republic. 

Successful initial public offering of Kapsch TrafficCom AG in Vienna. 

Kapsch TrafficCom AG is accepted onto the VÖNIX sustainability index, Kapsch BusinessCom builds upon its position as a Cisco Gold partner and Kapsch CarrierCom strengthens its position in Central and Eastern Europe through further acquisitions.

Kapsch TrafficCom acquires Mark IV IVHS and wins major contracts in South Africa and Poland. Kapsch CarrierCom takes over the GSM/GSM-R division of Nortel, thus becoming a major provider in this area.

Kapsch TrafficCom wins major contract to operate Russian motorway. Kapsch CarrierCom brings production of GSM-/GSM-R systems back from China to Vienna. Kapsch BusinessCom and Google agree on a trend-setting partnership.

Kapsch Smart Energy starts a pilot project for integrated energy management. Kapsch BusinessCom becomes Apple partner in Austria.

Entry into the market for communications solutions in local public transport based on TETRA technology.

Strategic acquisitions in the segments traffic management and system integration (Transdyn, Inc., U.S.A.) and public transport (Prodata Mobility Systems NV, Belgium).

Kapsch modernizes the entire IT infrastructure of Tyrol Air Ambulance, thus ensuring a safe flight for patients. 

Kapsch is equipping the new Allianz stadium in Vienna with full wireless coverage and media technology.

The Kapsch Group is celebrating its 125th anniversary and achieved an annual turnover of 1,1 billion euros (fiscal year 2016/17).