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Press Release

10/7/2015 - Company, Investor News

Europe’s largest and most advanced integrated traffic management systems are implemented by Kapsch TrafficCom

Vienna, October 7, 2015 – Kapsch TrafficCom AG (ISIN AT000KAPSCH9), listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange in the prime market segment, has been awarded two contracts to supply the Advanced Traffic Management System, DYNAC®, as part of the collaborative program CHARM (between Highways England and Rijkswaterstaat, the English and Dutch national roads authorities) that will modernize and consolidate traffic management on their highways.

Highways England and Rijkswaterstaat wish to improve customer services by implementing a future-proof traffic management system that helps improve safety and facilitates quicker response to real-time events. To introduce greater levels of productivity where possible, and to increase consumer satisfaction through the provision of faster, richer travel information services, Highways England and Rijkswaterstaat have chosen DYNAC® because of its proven, highly configurable Advanced Traffic Management System capabilities. DYNAC® helps operators work more efficiently, while improving the safety of road users and operating at lower maintenance costs.

Kapsch will deliver and install DYNAC® in two traffic management centres, one in England and one in the Netherlands, with the installment set to be completed within 26 months of the start date. CGI, the fifth largest independent information technology and business process services firm in the world, has been selected as the main partner in this project. CGI is responsible for the design, build, test and implementation of interface software that allows Highways England and Rijkswaterstaat to reuse existing interfaces and devices in combination with the DYNAC® software. After the implementation in the first traffic management centres, DYNAC® will be installed by a third party in all the remaining traffic management centres of Highways England (7 regional and 1 national centre) and Rijkswaterstaat (5 regional and 1 national centre), with the contract totaling around 60 million Euro, including the provision of product-level support services for a period of up to 13 years after the successful installation of the DYNAC® Advanced Traffic Management System.

Complete integration of traffic management

Rijkswaterstaat and Highways England move towards a new generation of traffic management systems in order to integrate a wide range of functions and manage the existing large quantity of different devices. Furthermore, the open, scalable and modular architecture of DYNAC® allows the addition of new applications, resulting in a single system which has the capability to incorporate future solutions that have not yet been implemented. “We want to make our traffic management centres more efficient and innovative,” states Perry van der Weyden, Chief Information Officer at Rijkswaterstaat. “The Competitive Dialogue procurement procedure provided us with a clear view of what all bidders had to offer. The implementation of this existing, proven system DYNAC® is part of our information strategy that aims to replace dozens of applications with an integrated system.” Neil Widdop, Services Procurement Team Leader at Highways England, says: “The new system will allow us to improve our operational efficiencies through use of a modern, national, integrated system. As we improve our operational efficiency, we can expect road users to benefit from quicker responses to incidents leading to improved safety and greater convenience for our customers.”

A new generation of traffic management

In each of the two countries, Kapsch will be responsible for the delivery, installation and testing of one new traffic management centre, with the existing technical infrastructure used to control and manage traffic being integrated. “Future traffic management is all about integration,” states Georg Kapsch, CEO at Kapsch TrafficCom. “Whether aligning traffic management across borders, different technological solutions or different transportation areas like highways and cities – road users will ultimately experience more safety, more efficiency, and more convenience along their whole route.”

The DYNAC ATMS® solution is a high-performance, integrated software suite which combines mission critical reliability, and security with the latest software technology. The solution is used to monitor and control traffic, passenger safety, and facilities management assets and processes. The software allows operators to detect and respond to congestion, incidents, emergency situations, and other conditions.

Kapsch TrafficCom is a provider of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in the segments of toll collection, city access control and parking space management, traffic management, traffic monitoring, utility vehicle monitoring, electronic vehicle registration and V2X cooperative systems. The end-to-end solutions of Kapsch TrafficCom cover the entire value creation chain of its customers, from components and design to the installation and operation of systems, all from a single source. The core business comprises the development, installation and operation of electronic toll collection and traffic management systems.
Reference projects in 44 countries on all continents have made Kapsch TrafficCom a globally recognized ITS provider. As part of the Kapsch Group, an Austrian family-owned technology group founded in 1892, Kapsch TrafficCom is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and has subsidiaries and branches in 33 countries. It has also been listed since 2007 on the Vienna Stock Exchange (KTCG) and earned revenues of EUR 456 million in the 2014/15 fiscal year with over 3,500 employees.



Press contact:

Ingrid Lawicka
Kapsch AG
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Investor contact:

Marcus Handl
Investor Relations Officer
Kapsch TrafficCom AG
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