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Social Media at Kapsch

Kapsch has always been about recognizing what tomorrow will bring and capitalizing on it. Social Media is the communication of the future, and so of course Kapsch will join in on this paradigm shift. Social Media is a very exciting tool for businesses, because it finally gives companies a way to interact directly with consumers and tell a more personal story. No longer is it only possible to contact Kapsch at our offices or at conventions, with the click of the mouse or the tap of a finger a personal message can be sent to us via several different platforms, thus increasing the speed and availability of interactions. Social Media also excites us because of its new and evolving nature. Every day, social media providers are developing and publishing new features and connection possibilities, which then forces us to learn the best ways to utilize these additions. New features, new frontiers, new limits; and where there are new limits, there will always be Kapsch to challenge them. This spirit is just one of many reasons why Kapsch has taken to the internet and joined the next generation of communication.

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